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Tarot reading: how to shuffle your cards

Although tarot card reading is typically performed by a psychic tarot reader, it is possible to learn how to do it yourself. The first lesson you will need to learn is the skill of shuffling the tarot cards. Shuffling your tarot deck correctly during a reading is important to ensure the card is selected is not chosen on purpose.

There are four different methods which you can use to shuffle your tarot cards:

Card Player’s Method:

This is best done with common playing cards. Tarot cards are more difficult to shuffle using this method as they are typically bigger in size – if your tarot cards are quite small then this method will work well. Simply divide your playing cards into two piles, one in each hand. Hold the cards face down and let them gently fall to the table, they should naturally mix together. Take care with your cards if you choose to use this method as over time, it can cause them to crease in the middle.

Insertion Method:

Split your cards into two halves. Insert one half into the other by ‘scattering’ them through the remaining half. This can also have a negative impact on your cards over time with the edges becoming frayed. Ensure you do this gently and slowly to minimise damage.

Cowie Push/Put Method:

This method was coined by Norma Cowie and involves using your dominant hand. Put all the cards into your dominant hand and hold them face down. Using your thumb, push the top card into your empty hand. Then push the next card into your other hand, but this time put it to the bottom of the new pile. Continue this action, alternating placing a card on the top of the pile and on the bottom until you have created an entirely new pile of cards. This method takes some practice until you can do it smoothly but is less likely to cause damage to your tarot cards.

Scrambling Method:

Place all the cards face down onto a surface and scramble them. When done, pick them up again. This method is probably the most basic of all four and only requires you to have enough space to lay out all your cards. It will also have minimum impact on your cards providing you scramble them with care.

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