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Tell Tale Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

A relationship breakup often leaves us feeling sad and frustrated, and it’s common to ask yourself “do they want me back?” These thoughts can drive us crazy, and lead to us behaving in a way we usually wouldn’t – stalking your ex’s social media and analysing their text messages. Sound familiar? The writers at YourTango tell us how to answer that infamous question “does my ex want me back”!

Your ex still contacts you… for no reason.

If your ex still contacts you for pointless reasons, this means they are trying to reopen the lines of communication. If your ex is still finding random ways to speak to you,  it’s a tell tale sign they could want you back.

They still ask about you

Does your ex go out of their way to find out how you’re doing? Do they ask your friends, or your family? This is a hint they still have feelings.

You keep bumping in to each other

Does your ex seem to be finding ways to bump in to you? This could be a sign your ex wants a second chance!

They’ve changed

If your relationship ended due to a particular flaw or trait they possessed, do you notice them working to fix it? Are they going out of their way to show they’ve changed? Perhaps they want you back…

If you want to know more tell tale signs that your ex wants you back, read the article in full here.

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