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The fallacy of repeating the same question in psychic readings

Seeking answers to the same question over and over in psychic readings gives you a false sense of security. Will I pass the job interview? Will I get the pay rise I deserve? Will he get in touch? Is he seeing someone else? Sometimes, a problem can go round and round in our heads and it drives us to ask about them, repeatedly. Even if the psychic readings give roughly similar answers each time, we feel the need for just one more reassurance; and if the readings give different predictions, we have an even greater incentive to find out ‘the truth’ about our future.

Apart from the costs of having so many psychic readings, have you noticed that the fixation of getting answers to a particular problem actually makes you feel more confused and negative about your future? This is because you have given away your power to be in charge of your own life; instead, you are relying on psychic readings to drive you forward. Far too often, people become dependent or even addicted to psychic readings, when they are only ever meant to serve as spiritual guides that empower and give you some clarity about your life and the happenings within it.

There is also the tendency to put aside the fact that predictions about the future are all well and good, but you still have to take action to create that future you want. Having too many readings about the same problem undermines your focus, thus resulting in a greater gap between the life you want and the life you have.

When you go to a reading, ask the questions you want answers to and take in all that has been said by the psychic, both the good and the bad. Seek information about the future, but once the reading has finished, put all predictions to one side and focus on the here and now. Fixate your energy on how you can take some positive steps to resolve your problem, based on the psychic reading. Avoid the temptation to repeat the session in your head over and over or focusing on all the tiny details on what was said.

If you find yourself unable to let go of the question that is bothering you, as well as the answers and predictions that you received during your reading, try different ways of calming your mind so that you can regain your focus. Meditation, yoga, taking a bath, listening to music and exercising are just some of the things you can do to centre yourself. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that whatever is bothering you, it can be overcome with the power you have and the power of now.

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