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How To Determine The Meaning Behind Reversed Tarot Cards

It’s often said that when a tarot card appears upside down during a reading, you’re in for a period of bad luck. Thankfully, this couldn’t be further from the truth and in reality, it simply alters – or reverses – the card’s original meaning.

There are countless ways to interpret reversed tarot cards and so today we’re going to share some of our wisdom with you.

A reversed card can soften the blow

Although many people assume reversed tarot cards are bad news, in reality they can often soften the blow of a card that you may perceive as negative when upright.

Let’s take the Death card as an example. This card strikes fear in many of those who uncover it, even though it simply signals the end of an era and the potential for a fresh start.

If your reading shows the Death card in reverse, this could be a sign that your current actions are sending you down a path with a dead end – and yet the power is in your hands to change things and explore a new route if you wish. The Death card in reverse could be saying to you “the end is near, but it’s not too late for you to change things”.

A reversed card can represent suppressed energy

It’s often said that upright tarot cards represent ‘externally expressed energy’ and when a card appears in a reading, it expresses this energy out into the world and this energy is then propelled back to us through our environment and relationships with other people. However, when a card is reversed, this could mean that the energy is internal and held within ourselves.

For example, an upright Empress card may represent taking care of other people. A reversed Empress may suggest you need to take care of yourself.

A reversed card can signify a blockage or obstacle in your path

Sometimes, a reversed tarot card signifies a blockage or obstacle that’s preventing the opportunities that an upright card would bring.

Let’s imagine you’re looking for a new job and you draw a card to see how your career might unfold. If you were to draw the Page of Pentacles reversed, this could be a sign that an external force is slowing you down or preventing you from achieving your goal as smoothly as possible. The card being in reverse certainly doesn’t mean you won’t find a new job, it just means there may be a few hurdles on your path to prosperity.

A reversed card can mean the opposite is true

Some tarot readers interpret the message behind reversed cards as the opposite of the card’s traditional message. For example, The Lovers card can signify unity, relationships and alignment, but when reversed, it can indicate friction, a difference in opinion, and incompatibility.

How To Find Out The Meaning Behind Reversed Tarot Cards

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