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The Royal Couple – Twin Souls

Many people have been asking whether the royal couple, Kate Middleton and Prince William, are soul mates. The term soul mates is very common but in fact psychics have identified they are more than just soul mates, they are twin souls.

A twin soul takes soul mates to a different level. A twin soul relationship is a calmer, dignified and more serene relationship, a harmonious affair.

In a twin soul relationship, the couple will always have one half that takes a more back seat and is willing to do so. In the case of the Duke and Duchess, Kate will always have a back seat role to William because he is the Prince, but this is also a role they naturally fall into. However, William will always put Kate first demonstrating their true love for each other.

The relationship also shows that in a case of an argument, William will always reconcile the differences and make the first move to mend the relationship. In most couples, this person remains the same throughout the whole relationship. This makes the partnership stronger and long lasting and is a game of equals, with both putting the other before anything else.

For couples that have been married for many years, such as Prince William’s Grandmother the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, it is clear that there is always one half which has more limelight than the other but this is not a troublesome or damaging issue, it is the way in which the couple operates at their best.

In a recent royal trip, Kate commented on her desire to have children and raise a family. A psychic reading will be able to determine that Kate will be in her element when raising a family and this partnership will remain harmonious despite the media attention and pressure which might come with being in the spotlight constantly. This relationship, therefore, will last the true test of time.

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