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Types Of Psychic Dreams

Most people will admit to dreaming, but there are various different types of dreams that you should be aware of. Some, known as psychic dreams, are there to make you aware of an issue in your life, change something in your life or even see the future so that you can prepare for it. But how do you know which dreams are psychic and which are normal?

When we sleep, our brain goes over many things that have happened that day. Most people will find they dream of something in their everyday life, such as being at work or in the office. Perhaps someone will dream a more creative dream but can put this down to an imaginative film that they watched the night before which has influenced the person’s sleeping state.

However, there are dreams which appear more random. These might be dreams involving past and lost loved ones, or someone that you have not even been thinking of recently. If this person creeps into your dreams, some psychics would suggest it is their spirit coming down to say “hello” – or perhaps warning you away from something.

To help you interpret your dream, you should write everything down that you remember within five minutes of waking up. Research has shown most people forget 90% of their dream twenty minutes after waking up. Writing every detail down can help you to form a story and piece together pieces of a puzzle.

Make sure that you keep this dream diary regularly and leave it by your bed with a pen, so that you remember to fill it in. Over time, you should see a story or message develop.

You can also buy dream interpretation books that should help you to decipher specifics in your dreams. For example, if you regularly dream of fire then you might want to look up what this symbolises. It doesn’t necessarily mean something bad. In fact, often dreaming of death in your dream doesn’t mean someone is going to die. It could symbolise a big change in your life or even a happy event.

If your dreams puzzle you even more, then you might want to speak to a psychic and discuss the dream with them. A recurring dream can be particularly puzzling and distressing to go through each night. Discussing this with a psychic may help you unlock the pattern. You might need to make a change in your everyday routine or you may make bigger changes in your life, like changing your job or career.

Dreams are the key to our inner soul – so don’t ignore them. They can tell you great things and help you lead a happier life.

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