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Using The Spring Equinox To Your Advantage

What is the Spring Equinox?

The Spring Equinox is the official beginning of the Spring season and is the time when the balance of day and night is most equal. This is because the Sun is situated at the Earth’s equator. The word equinox originates from Latin and literally means “equal night.”

What happens in Spring?

Days begin to get longer in Spring and the increase in daylight hours means the temperature gets warmer. Trees begin to grow new leaves after they lost them over Winter and also start to flower. We see an array of new flowers and plants emerging here in the UK, such as crocuses, daffodils and tulips, as well as an increase in certain insects such as ladybirds, butterflies and bees.

Spring is a transitional period of time in the world; full of hope, promise and new beginnings. This makes it the perfect time to reflect on yourself, take stock and see how you can use the new season to your advantage.

Things you can do to take advantage of the Spring Equinox

Embrace the light

The days are longer and the sun is finally out so take advantage of it! Embrace the vitamin D and your body and mind will thank you. Basking in sunshine can give you an overall sense of wellbeing, can help to lift your mood and can even have an impact on your weight. Step out from the dark and let the new sunshine reinvigorate your body and soul.

Re-evaluate your goals

This doesn’t mean you should give up on your goals but it’s good to check in on your progress and see if your circumstances have changed. Were they realistic? Did you have the best intentions? See where you’re up to, think whether you need to tweak them and refocus your energy. Spring is a transitional time so use this energy to achieve your goals.

Heal & strengthen relationships

The beginning of spring is the perfect time to resolve any conflicts or rifts that you may have. Whether there is tension with a colleague or you’ve fallen out with a close friend or family member, the spring equinox releases regenerative energy into the universe which will enable you to find the courage and resilience to patch things up more easily.

Take up a new hobby

We associate Spring with new life: flowers bloom, insects come out of hibernation and it is the time when lambs are born. All this new life puts so much energy and creativity into the world that it’s hard to ignore. Harness this creative power and channel it into a new hobby. Whether it’s learning a practical skill or doing something just for fun, the spring equinox will give you the spirit to see your new hobby through.

Let us know how you use the Spring Equinox for your own self improvement!

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