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What Are Premonitions?

Premonitions are foresights into the future that can come in all shapes and forms. Premonitions are typically not something that a person can control and are not classed as a form of divination. This is because psychic readings, tarot cards and astrology are all active ways to interpret or see what the future holds, whereas premonitions are not. Premonitions are spontaneous and in order to use them we must train ourselves to take notice and listen to what they have to say.

Premonitions can be large prophecies that are hugely important to our lives or they can be little everyday happenings that warn or guide us. The latter is much more common.

What causes premonitions?

Nobody actually knows why we get premonitions but one common theory is that danger triggers them. It is thought that the main purpose of premonitions is to warn us about danger to ourselves and those around us. There are many stories of people who have either been saved or have saved others through premonitions. It is also thought that our fight or flight response sometimes triggers premonitions and is in fact, an extension of this.

Examples include people feeling like they should take a different route than normal, despite no outside stimuli suggesting they should, and there being a fatal crash on their regular route that they would have been involved in.

A lot of premonitions occur when connecting parents and their children. Mother’s Intuition is thought to be a type of premonition.

Can anyone get a premonition?

Some people who are more spiritually attuned may feel like that they have a lot of premonitions whereas those who are not so attuned may say they never have them. However, those that feel like they have premonitions simply have practice knowing what to look out for. You could be having premonitions without knowing!

As we get older, we learn to process things out of our mind that don’t “make sense.” So we ignore our intuition and that small voice within us that guides us, in favour of facts and evidence. However, premonitions are a direct result of the unexplainable and what doesn’t seem to make sense. By opening ourselves up to it, we can develop this sixth sense if you will, and maybe have more premonitions.

How can premonitions manifest themselves?

Because of the way premonitions are shown in pop culture, think Phoebe from Charmed, we expect to have clear, crisp visions either when we touch something or someone. However, they don’t always work like this. If you don’t have the gift of clairvoyance, it’s unlikely your premonitions will take this form. Here are some ways you may receive your premonitions:

  • You could have a vivid dream that feels so lifelike you think it’s real. If the same dream keeps repeating itself night after night, it’s a sign you should really pay attention. You may get the dream before something important such as a journey.
  • You may get an inexplicable feeling that you should do something, go somewhere or see someone that doesn’t make sense but is so strong anyway.
  • You might find your gut instinct or your intuition becomes stronger and clearer. You might even hear a voice saying “don’t go” or “take care.”
  • Your senses may become heightened for no apparent reasons. For example, you could smell or taste something strongly. Some feel energies this way.
  • You could experience a lot of coincidences, such as hearing the same song on the radio wherever you go, or a book repeatedly falling off a shelf. This could be a sign or a harbinger of the future.
  • You may be unable to get a certain thought out of your mind that feels like it has burrowed deep into your brain.

All of these can be a way that a premonition manifests itself. What we have to do is practice recognising them and over time we will be able to do it much more easily. Practice makes perfect and it is so worth it. Premonitions can change our lives for the better, warn us of upcoming danger and just generally give an insight into our future.

What kind of premonitions have you had? How have they helped you? We’d love to know – just drop us a comment below.

If you’re looking for some immediate guidance and can’t wait to hone your premonition skills, why not give one of our telephone psychics a call?

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