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What Are Ribbon Readings?

Ribbon Overview

Ribbons have been used for centuries in different capacities. The Celtic folk used ribbons as a way of connecting with specific energies much like we do with flowers and crystals. Ribbons were used as people travelled around doing psychic readings on the road.

Pagans also used ribbons in many of their ceremonies, such as handfasting at weddings, where couples would have their hands ribboned together as a sign of unity i.e. tying the knot, and for dancing around the maypole during pagan celebrations.

In many cultures, ribbons have also been used for healing purposes. One common ritual was to tie a ribbon close to water.

Although not commonly used in modern times, ribbons are one of the oldest forms of divination.

Understanding the Ribbons

When doing a ribbon reading, you must first assign meaning to each different coloured ribbon. Some like to go off the Chakra colours and their meanings or you can opt for some simpler, fixed meanings such as these:

White = purity, spiritual healing, wisdom and light.

Red = lust, abundance of energy, vigor, strength, success.

Orange = creativity, emotional strength, connectivity in relationships.

Yellow = adventure, travel, personal power, fortune.

Green = positivity, connection to nature, journey completion.

Light blue = safety & security, communication, freshness.

Dark blue = clarity, achievement, soulfulness.

Purple = spirituality, psychic connections, riches.

Pink = friendships, love, fun, happiness.

Brown = down-to-earth, practicality, stubbornness.

Black = secretive, privacy, absorbing negativity, protectiveness.

A Ribbon Reading

There are different ways to conduct a ribbon reading and there is no right or wrong way to do it. The best way to start is to do what feels right for you. A popular method is as follows:

Lay out your ribbons on the floor in a safe and comfortable space where you feel relaxed and at peace. You can light some candles or play some music if you like.

Next, choose six different ribbons. Choose ribbons which you are naturally drawn to; ribbons that make you feel a certain way or that you feel specifically connected to. Try not to think too much about your choice, let the feelings come naturally, from deep within your soul rather than forcing a conscious decision.

You should make note of the order in which you choose the ribbons because it’s important for interpreting your ribbon reading. Jot them down in a notepad so you remember. It’s okay to choose the same colour more than once if that’s what you’re drawn to.

Interpreting Your Ribbon Reading

Once you’ve drawn your six ribbons you can then start to interpret your reading.

  1. The first ribbon you draw represents where your base personality is sitting at the time of your reading.
  2. The second ribbon represents your current most negative qualities.
  3. The third ribbon represents your current most positive qualities.
  4. The fourth ribbon represents the most beneficial way for you to move forward from where you are right now.
  5. The fifth ribbon represents your strengths – some that you may not have utilised yet.
  6. The sixth ribbon represents the most likely long term outcome for you.

By correlating your ribbons with the colour meanings above, you can decipher your reading and gain some insight into how you’re feeling right now.

Let us know how you get on!

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