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What Do The Letters In Your Name Say About You?

You may not pay much attention to your given name but it can actually tell you a lot about you as a person. And different letters of your name hold specific meanings. Certain letters within your name also have special terms attached to them which we will explore in this post.

Significant letters

The Cornerstone

The first letter of your name is known as the Cornerstone. This letter can be used to obtain a general overview of your personality. By looking at your Cornerstone, you can take a look at how you approach life, in the good times and the bad. The Cornerstone is a great starting point to give you a base to build upon when delving into your name meaning.

The Capstone

The last letter of your name is known as the Capstone. This letter can be used to highlight your ability to see things through. Do you see projects through to completion? Do you come up with half cooked idea? You can examine your Capstone in conjunction with your Cornerstone as these letters frame your name. These can show you how you deal with beginning and ending important projects within your life.

First Vowel

The first vowel of your name has significant meaning and you can truly get to the root of your sense of self by looking at this letter. The core of your personality that isn’t always on show can be analysed by looking at the first vowel. It’s a secretive letter that offers insight into your deepest fears, goals and dreams – it’s basically the window to your soul!

What does each letter mean?

Here we highlight what each letter means. You can reveal what your name means by looking at the three significant letters above. Combining these three will give you a comprehensive overview of your personality. For example, if your name is Beth, your Cornerstone letter is B which would mean you tend to be a bit shy about starting new endeavors. Your first vowel is E which means once you do begin you’re very keen and can come out of your shell a little bit more. Your Capstone letter is H which means in the long-run you always see things through to completion, despite hiccups in the road!

A  = ambitious, freethinking and a natural leader, you can also be very flexible.

B = sensitive and sometimes introverted. A lover of peace and very loyal.

C = witty, outspoken and upbeat, you wear your heart on your sleeve.

D = down-to-earth and determined, you can often be stubborn.

E = outgoing and enthusiastic, you’re a lover of falling in love. You’re very good at seeing things from all angles.

F = nurturing and warm, you can be very self-sacrificing and like to help others

G = a visionary with a busy mind you can often think on your feet and have a spiritual side

H = highly creative with a strong gut instinct, you need a lot of alone time. Everything works out for you in the end.

I = deeply compassionate, creative and a great eye for detail. Can be prone to anxiety.

J = a lover of fairness and balance, you like everyone to be happy. You sometimes lack motivation.

K = artistic, deep-feeling and highly strung, you make decisions based on your gut.

L = honest, generous and kind-hearted. You love to travel.

M = hard-working, financially motivated and often impatient. You like to feel safe and secure at home.

N =  original, creative and strong-willed. You like to be methodical throughout life and are very good at documenting things.

O = you like rules and order, can be sensitive at times and prone to jealousy.

P = intellectual, knowledgeable and sometimes distant. You can be a little impatient with your time.

Q = natural leader and a tough nut to crack. You often speak your mind and have the ability to persuade people to come around to your way of thinking.

R = strong work ethic, kind and a strong feeler. You often display high amounts of energy.

S = dramatic, emotional and a charmer you are devoted to people and exude a real warmth towards others.

T = you live fast and are very assertive. You can be a bit too aggressive in all your relationships.

U = you have great timing and have a great predisposition to luck. You need to commit more in all aspects of your life.

V = good intuition, strong imagination and very efficient. You can also be unpredictable.

W = active, good talker but prone to procrastination. You make decisions based on your gut.

X = sensual, moody and extremely passionate. You can easily become obsessed with things.

Y = freedom-loving and a rule-breaker. You are naturally independent and have ambition to learn as much as you can.

Z = charming, upbeat and positive. You have strong common sense but can often be impulsive.

What does your name say about you? Take a look and decipher your personality. If you want to delve deeper into your core personality and get to the bottom of some issues, why not book one of our telephone psychic readings with one of our talented psychics?


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