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What is a Spring Equinox and how does it affect us?

An Equinox is a time where the days and nights reach the same length. The Spring Equinox is taking place today and thankfully, the dark nights are going to reduce so we get much more sunlight. Many of us will feel very thankful for this because sunlight can boost our moods, thanks to its excellent dose of Vitamin D that it brings to us and the world around us. The outdoors will brighten up and for many, it’s when people will begin preparing for the summer.

In Christianity, it’s the time where Jesus was resurrected from the dead and for many other religions, their Gods go through a time of resurrection, too. Death’s darkness is matched by life’s lightness, which is why it’s so important to people because it can mark a new beginning.

How can the Spring Equinox affect us?

During this time, new beginnings are highlighted, and the darkness in your life is balanced out by the good. When the Spring Equinox is taking place, you might want to:

  • End a relationship that is making you unhappy.
  • Start a new relationship after being on your own for a while.
  • Begin looking for new jobs or ways you can use your skills to get further in life.
  • Move house to somewhere that has a happier environment.
  • Go on a journey abroad to live in a new country that offers you a new start.
  • Find a balance between work and play so that you can find equal success with both.
  • Start planning a way to leave the negativity behind you.
  • Discover a way to connect to your spiritual side so you can feel the sun’s positive energy.

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