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When is a spirit most likely to visit?

One of the most common questions we get here at Wishing Moon is from people wondering when a spirit is most likely to visit them.

It can be frustrating waiting for a spirit to make contact as it is completely out of our control. We appreciate that some people want to know when a deceased loved one will make contact and there are some common visitation times that have been gathered over the years, that can help give you an indication of when a spirit is most likely to visit.

When you’re alone

Being around other people makes us less able to notice the presence of a spirit. That’s because we’re distracted by their energy and just their presence in general. Talking and interacting with the living makes it harder for us to focus on the ‘other side’ which means spirits are less likely to try and make contact.

When we’re alone, and specifically when we have no distractions, spirits are likely to visit. This is why it is common for spirits to visit when we’re in bed. The strength of this visit can vary too, and if you’re busy doing chores or deeply engrossed in a book you might miss it.

During a big occasion

Many people lament the fact that their loved ones aren’t present for their wedding, graduation or birth of their child. However, they probably were there! Spirits are more likely to visit when there is a memorable event happening. Similarly, if you’re mourning the anniversary of a lost loved one, you could be visited by a spirit so be sure to stay open and receptive to contact.

When you’re going through a tough time

Spirits are sensitive to changes in energy and if you’re going through a particularly difficult time, a loved one can sense that and try and make contact with you. Often, spirits make contact when they feel we need it most. Their presence and energy can comfort us in times of need and give us the boost we need to carry on. Next time you’re having a tough time, make yourself receptive to contact and look out for subtle shifts in the air around you.

If you haven’t been contacted by a spirit and feel you need some assistance, why not call our gifted team of psychic readers & mediums who may be able to help? And be sure to keep up to date with all of our psychic guides here at Wishing Moon.

When Is A Spirit Most Likely To Visit

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