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Why are you single this Valentine’s Day?

If you’ve been looking for love but still haven’t found any, facing Valentine’s day alone can be tough. But why are you still single? Our talented psychic readers can help you understand where you are going wrong in love.

Use these tips to help your psychic self tune into to a more positive you.

#1 Negative psychic energies – your inner personality is very important, it is not all about looks. You could be emanating negative psychic energies which puts off potential loves. Desperation can show itself negatively and really put people off. Many people avoid going out with partners who are giving out this negative energy, because they know it will drain them. You should ensure you nurture the positive side of your spirit for better results.

#2 Baggage

If you’re carrying a lot of mental baggage from past relationships, this can have a bad effect on any future love interests. You should ensure you tackle these psychic obstacles head on before you start looking for love.

#3 You’re narcissistic

If you love yourself too much then shows negatively to the other person. Try to cut down on self love! Although don’t cut down too much, loving yourself and being confident is healthy

#4 Your expectations are way too high

You have standards but if your sights are set too high, you’ll never find a partner. You might be preventing otherwise suitable partners from reaching you if you expect too much.

#5 You still yearn for a past relationship

Whether it was a good relationship or not, your past relationship could still be on your mind. This is natural, but damaging. If your heart is still partially invested in a relationship that ended you will not be able to embrace the new people in your life, however hard you try. You need to be receptive by breaking any bonds with exes.

#6 Soul Mates?

The reason why you are still single may be because you are not meant to meet your soul mate yet. There is a time for everything, and patience is a virtue. The ways of the universe are somewhat mysterious so having a psychic reading may help you to find out when you are meant to meet this person.

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