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Why you are not getting the psychic guidance you hoped for

It can be upsetting and disheartening when you are unable to get the psychic guidance you had desperately hoped for. But have you considered the reasons why this may have happened? If you have a think about the questions you asked during the psychic reading session, you may come to a profound understanding as to why your spiritual guide has seemingly taken an approach of silence to your pleas for guidance.

Transcending our higher selves

Keeping in mind that our spiritual guides are always pushing us to further develop our higher selves, there are occasions when our requests for advice might be ignored in favour of us using all our strengths and faculties to figure out our life problems. Many of us are guilty of hoping or asking for spiritual help when the matters at hand are part of life’s common dilemmas that we can actually learn to navigate around or manage ourselves.

As frustrating as this might be, rather than doubting our faith at a time of uncertainty, trust instead that our spiritual guides have decided reserve their advice in order to provide us with an opportunity for personal development in our spiritual journey.

Expecting simple answers

Maybe you expected the answers to your questions to be quite simple, even a short yes or no. However, your spiritual guides may have something else in mind; and whilst you are looking out for straightforward advice, they have actually offered you clues that will help in your quest. You might even need to take some form of action in order for answers to manifest themselves. In short, keep an open mind, be proactive and be ready to act.

What did you want to hear?

An obvious reason why you may feel abandoned by your spiritual guide is if you have already made up your mind what you wanted to hear. So unless the psychic advice you receive matches your own idea of what the right guidance should be, you are simply not receptive to it.

Crossing the wrong paths

If you want guidance to help you head down a path in life that simply isn’t meant for you, you are likely going to be greeted with silence in order to stop you from crossing this path. We all have our life’s purpose, and our guardian angels are here to direct us at times when it isn’t so clear what this purpose might be.

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