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Why your psychic readings might conflict

Having a psychic reading can be a very exciting and bewildering experience. You may have a lot of information given to you that you need to interpret in your own way. A psychic will be able to give you the information that they are presented with, and therefore some may not necessarily make sense straight away.

This forces many people to go and seek the advice of a second psychic.

That psychic reading may be completely different to the first one, which causes many people to think that they have been conned or that one of the psychics is not true in some way.

The problem with having two psychic readings within a six-month period is that psychics work in different ways and receive different messages. Both sets of messages may be accurate in their own way, but having two sets of information like this can be simply too confusing and complex for the person having the reading.

There are several other reasons why your psychic readings may differ slightly.

Change in energy

Firstly, a psychic might rely on your energy to perform a reading, and a person’s energy is constantly changing. Your energy one day may be completely different to that of another day, as energy is affected by everyday experiences.

Having a reading with two different readers within a short space of time can mean you deliver a completely different energy for the psychic to work with, resulting in possible conflicts of messages.

Your Readers Character

Psychics are normal people too, and can often have a better connection with one person than they would with another

If you do not feel like you have a good connection with your psychic reader within the first five minutes then consider looking for a different reader.

After you have finished the psychic reading, you should note down all the comments that the psychic had made to you. Try not to take these at face value, often their meanings run a lot deeper.

Rather than seeking a second psychic opinion, you should wait around six months to see how true the current psychic readings become. See how well you can make sense of them and what they mean to you six months down the line. If they still do not make any sense, you may want to see another psychic reader instead.

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