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Wishing Moon Tarot App – Reviews

Have you tried our free tarot game for iPhones? Below are testimonials from our happy app users. Click here to download the Wishing Moon app for free.

  • Love this app!!!! – “Simply loving it!!!”
  • Wow! – “I really love this app it is very comfortable with the music and I can actually relax once in a while! I enjoy it and the answers are pretty accurate.”
  • This is amazing!!!!!! – “I really like this app. The best part is that I can actually feel positive that my wishes will come true. The music is sensational to my mind and relaxes me. If you want to learn fun neat things about yourself and your partner, I highly recommend you should get this! And if you need an opportunity to relax, now’s your chance. Really everyone should try this.
  • A lot of things actually most of the things on here are accurate. Please try it… You’ll love it!!!!!!!!”
  • Wishing moon tarot – “Its simply amazing and it’s so true! All the predictions are so true.wishes are come true too!”
  • Beautiful, Perfect, Loveable – “This is a very beautiful and well designed free app!!! It is already a full function app and gives you most of what you want of it, I will buy the full version just to have more of it and say thanks to creators of it . Try it you will love it.”
  • Chazziepops – “Love it brill :)”
  • “Love this app, brings me peace and gives me hope xx”
  • Clair bear xox – “I was surprised how detailed this app was, I’ve tried a few tarot apps and they seem very generic. You can tell that this one has been dedicatingly written by a real psychic. When you get a card it really reads in a way you can understand in relation to your question, it actually gives a proper answer and guidance. I also really like the wish card what a lovely feature. All this for a free app is so impressive! I later went on to have a phone reading with the company and you can tell what lovely, genuine readers they are”.
  • Tripybabe – “This is very accurate and I love the Wish feature. There could also be a lot more features such as more tarot card layouts also star sign compatibility. This is one of the beter tarot apps I like the card readings very well written. Please continue developing this app x”

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