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Worrying Too Much? Quick Steps To Balancing Your Emotions

Have you been kept awake at night by all the worries on your mind?  Do you find yourself reacting emotionally to every situation you are faced with?  If so, you may wish to consider practicing the following simple techniques to feel calmer and more balanced.

Why do you worry?

Taking the time to figure out the answer to this simple question will go a long way to help you become more positive.

For some people, they feel anxious because of the fear of the unknown; for others, their apprehension has more to do with the consequence of stress.  Still, there are also those who are plagued by negative voices, not just those in their own mind but perhaps from their family or partner.  If you know what the source of your negative emotions are, it may just help you to do something about it.

What do you enjoy doing?

When your day is becoming difficult emotionally and you can feel negative energy building up inside your mind, one way to lighten your mood is to allow yourself to indulge in an activity you enjoy.  A walk in the park, a relaxing bath, reading a book, listening to music or just sitting quietly for a while are all examples of things you can do to regain your emotional balance.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises have been used for centuries as a method to relax one’s mind and body.  Drawing deep breaths allow you to take in vital energy and release the negativity harbouring inside you, hence making you feel a sense of renewal and balance.

There are many variations of breathing techniques you can use.  To begin with, sit in a comfortable meditative pose and draw in a deep breath for a count of four through your nose, allowing your stomach to expand as you fill it with the air you are breathing in.  Now exhale slowly for a count of four as well, and let yourself immerse in the feelings of relaxation.


A way to train your mind to focus and maintain attention, meditation can help to cut out the clutter created by negative emotions such as anxiety.

There are many different forms of meditation with each involving a different point of focus, including breath, an object such as a candle or a flame, a mantra or sound, a mental image or an affirmation.

You may need to experiment to find the point of focus that works best for you.


This is a powerful tool for reducing anxiety.  Try to give your worries a physical image in your mind, then visualise letting go of it and watching it disappear high in the sky; you may just find the negative emotions you have been feeling dissipate too into thin air.

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