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10 Signs It’s Time To Move On

LifeBuzz is a brilliant website that creates posts on a number of different topics such as life inspiration, health, relationships and more. They have spoken about a post from Marc and Angel from Marc and Angel Hack Life and the topic was “10 signs it’s time to move on”.

Of course, in our lives, we will experience relationships that seem perfect at first and it can be heart wrenching when we see that it’s starting to deteriorate before our very eyes. This could be really small issues like silly arguments but ones that keep happening and it starts to make you question whether your partner is the right person for you.

A lot of the time, it can be bigger problems, such as lifestyle, religion and values that can get between two people living a happy life together.

The first point on this blog post is about when someone expects you to be someone you’re not. This isn’t the same as tweaking yourself for someone. When you want to change little things about yourself, this is fine. Your partner might hate the way you leave stuff lying around on the floor or you might need to learn how to be a little more caring. These points are fine.
However, it’s a big red flag when someone wants you to change your values, beliefs or your overall personality.
This can be a case of your partner being an academic when you’re a creative. When they want you to be more like them or change your career to be similar to them and they are forcing you to do this, there is a problem.
There is nothing wrong with being different from you partner and most of the time, this is a positive because you can learn things from each other but it can start to be a case of you not feeling good enough about yourself anymore.

its easier to mend a broken heart

Another sign is when someone says something but does the complete opposite.
Sure, someone can be sorry or want to patch a relationship up, but what do they actually do about it? Do they apologise and try and make things better or do they turn into a coward who refuses to acknowledge that you’re upset?
This can be a huge problem for most people and to be honest, it can be one of the most frustrating things when you’re waiting for someone to have a bit of compassion and it never arrives.

After this, there are many points such as you trying to force someone to love you, only being with someone due to attraction, someone who breaks your trust and others that are really awful problems that can destroy a relationship.

If you’re only with someone because you’re attracted to them, what happens when you’re out in public with each other? Do you find yourself sat in a lovely restaurant with nothing to say to them? At the end of the day, you can become more attracted to someone the more you get to know them. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you just can’t seem to have fun together like friends would, this is going to make the relationship go stale very quickly.

Relationships can be tough so your efforts should be worth it in the end. If someone really loves you for who you are and they aren’t afraid to show you their real selves, you’ve got something really great.
This is not impossible to find. If you’ve been in a bad relationship, chances are when you get into another that actually feels right; you’ll be astonished at how long you stuck around for the previous one.

The #1 tip is to remember that your own happiness is important and you’re not doing anyone a favour if you stay in a relationship that you’re miserable in. Even if your partner is not trying to do anything wrong on purpose, there is a way you can both move on and find partners better suited to each other. Think of it as a win-win situation: You can either work it out or find someone better for you.

To read the blog post in more detail, click here or if you need more guidance on your relationship, you can contact us here.

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