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10 Ways To Boost Your Happiness

point 1
Remember that you have many positives to be appreciative for.

Of course, there will be moments when we feel like the world is going to end and everyone is against us. However, in times of sadness and negativity, we can actually push people away who care about us very much. This can make us lose sight in the special people in our lives such as our family and friends who might just want to help.
Being upset can have a domino effect, making you all of a sudden believe everything is crumbling when in fact, they aren’t. This is why, when you are feeling down, just take a moment to remember how loved you are. Perhaps think about your happy colleagues at work that you have fun with, or flick through your phone photos together with people that are there for you 100% of the way.

point 2
Do a hobby that you enjoy, even if it’s for a little amount of time.

If you aren’t enjoying your job very much or you are stressed about other areas of your life, chances are these negative thoughts will follow you around like a grey cloud.
Instead, discover what you really love to do, even if it is something very small.
If you love reading magazines and there is a new monthly issue released, purchase it alongside beauty products such as face masks or a nail varnish. This way, you can set aside time to special time every month to give yourself a treat.
Other than that, highlight strong personality traits, such as creativity and find activities that fit around that.

point 3
Do something nice for someone else.

There will be people in the world that are a lot worse off than you, without you even realising it. Many of us can be guilty of being too self-absorbed with our own issues to notice that other people are struggling much more than we can even imagine.
If you see someone who might be having a hard day, give them a compliment or better yet, help them out.
For example, if you live near an elderly lady who is alone most of the time and you see her unload her car after food shopping, give her a hand. This way, we are doing a good deed that can help someone else, yet can make us feel good about ourselves, too.

point 4
Go and see the sun.

You might love staying indoors however, a lack of Vitamin D, which is what the sun provides us, can see a decrease in feeling happy. We wondered why there is a reason that everyone is happier when it’s sunny and it is indeed true.
Yes, living in the UK might mean the sun often hides behind clouds yet being outside can make you feel much more alive and happier as a whole.

point 5
Explore and take a short vacation.

A 9-5 job nearly every single week of your life can get repetitive, even for the happiest of people out there. People do love order and routine yet it really good to break away from this whenever you can.
This can be done with a slight change of scenery. This can actually just be a new coffee shop that is different from your usual, so you can experience a different atmosphere.
Or you can take this one step further and visit a different train. Many train companies do a 1/3 ticket deal if you are travelling as a couple, which is great if you and your partner want to travel for an hour yet be in a completely different place.

point 6
Spend time with animals.

We absolutely love animals and find them to be some of the best companions around. If you are feeling bad about yourself and need to be perked up, spending time with your pet or someone else’s could really change how you feel on that day. Animals don’t judge and offer unconditional love, which is why they are so great if you have problems with your confidence. If you can’t actually spend any time with them, there are plenty of cute YouTube videos you could watch to make you laugh.

point 7
Go outside your comfort zone.

Has someone invited you to a party where you know absolutely no one? This is a brilliant opportunity to challenge yourself so you can break out of that shell. Who knows, at this party you could meet amazing people that could play a huge part in your future.
If we aren’t open to trying out new things, chances are, our lives can become quite stale, making you feel a little miserable in the first place. Our advice is, get your best outfit on that you feel comfortable and meet people!

point 8
Create your own happiness playlist.

Even a song can make us feel rubbish, especially if it reminds us of someone we miss, such as a toxic ex. The best thing to do is to create a music playlist either on Spotify, YouTube or your MP3 Player so that whenever those negative feelings creep their way into your day, you can distract yourself with happy melodies and positive lyrics.
Believe us, they work!

point 9
Develop a better sleeping pattern.

The worst way to start your day off is being exhausted, which can slow you down so much that you end up missing a train and will need to rush.
When people wake up on the wrong side of the bed, it can throw their whole day off. Instead, promise yourself you will get to bed at a particular time and stick to it. Yes, there are many distractions that will appear, such as an amazing TV show you MUST see however; you’ll see the bad side effects the next day. Set a “wind down” alarm on your phone, which can remind you it’s time to shut off your TV or laptop and begin to relax.
Grab a cup of tea, read a few chapters of a book and you’ll be ready to snooze in no time!

point 10
Spend more time with positive people.

It’s very easy to be affected by what other people are feeling and we can be influenced in ways that change our moods dramatically.
You might have friends that constantly complain about life, making you feel as if you’ve ran 100 miles after speaking to them because it’s drained you! When you’re feeling upset, you need to be uplifted! Go on and contact that friend with a sunny outlook to life and have a coffee with them. At the end of it, they might have given you some brilliant, logical advise that makes you realise things aren’t so bad after all.

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