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12 Easy Ways To Have The Best Day Ever

This brilliant post comes from the website Running on Real Food which is a lifestyle and fitness blog.

This blog is written by Deryn and quite frankly, we love it.

Her take on the ways to make your life better is shown in a very upbeat, optimistic way, as if she’s talking to you over a cup of coffee, which makes this a very easy and enjoyable read.
Deryn makes brilliant points that tell us that it is a lot easier than we think to make our day better.

Of course, January is a month where we can feel very sluggish after the Christmas holidays and some of us can even feel depressed. The long nights affect us, especially when we get out of the door for work to be greeted with a sky that is dark and grey.

It’s times like these that make it hard for us to see the good in the world. We get up, go to work, do our day’s tasks and come home. C’mon, we all know we can do much better than that.
The world may not be the sunniest place in the winter, therefore the sun needs to be in your mood instead.

We are challenged by this post to have a go at these tasks and see if they work for us.
For many people, New Year’s resolutions in January can appear to be a full A4 piece of paper long, which can be very difficult to keep up with.
These tips should be made into your New Year’s resolution because are easy to do and they can lift your spirits.

One of the points is to spend 5 minutes meditating and deep breathing.
You do not need a yoga mat or a huge chair to do this and you definitely do not need to be an expert in spirituality to see the benefits of this.
Even if you’re someone on the go, why not do this on the train?
Chances are, the trains are very busy when people return back to work and this can make you very stressed, even if it doesn’t delay your day.
This is why we think this is a brilliant one because it could teach you to zone out when you’re faced with stressful situations, such as busy rush hours or the half hour before an important meeting.

12 wasy to have the best day ever image 2

 Another excellent point is to remember what you are thankful for. When something bad or unfortunate happens, it have a domino effect on our moods and the way we think.

You could go from “My train is delayed” to you thinking along the lines of,
“Why does this have the happen to me?!!”.
Of course, many of us want our days to turn out a certain way and if they don’t, we could start comparing it to our lives in general, even if everything is fine.
It only takes one negative thought to generate five different ones, pulling at you from different places, making your brain overwork itself.

If something like this happens, start thinking about what you are happy to have in your life.
If you’ve had a bad day, don’t let it make you think you have a bad life.
Instead, think about the next hour and what will happen.
If it involves getting into the office, think about the lovely cup of your favourite coffee you’re going to make or if you’re going home, think about your lovely partner or your cute as a button pet who will greet you.

The seventh tip is to read something inspiring and we really think this helps. Perhaps create a Pinterest profile and use a board for all spiritual or happy quotes to flick through when you’re feeling down. We also think that the book, 365 Days of Happiness is a brilliant book that gives you a different task every day. These tasks involve doing something fun, like having a day in your pyjamas, plus it has many different inspiration quotes to keep your smile from turning upside-down.

Last but not least, we wanted to add a suggestion ourselves.
Now that you are feeling fortunate about your life and you can see clearly that a bad day doesn’t make a bad life, do something that will make a difference.

We suggest buying a bag of dog and cat treats, visiting your local pet shelter and giving them to the animals there.
When we are feeling down, it’s hard to realise that other lives are filled with a lot more unhappiness than ours.
Giving an upset dog or cat a chewy treat will make them a little bit happier. A lot of the time, we can’t do a great deal about situations like this (other than adopting them) therefore showing generosity in this way will help, especially when these animals have come from bad homes and aren’t used to humans being caring.

If you want brilliant recipes and lifestyle tips to improve your 2015, keep Running On Real Food as a bookmark so you can see the new blogs they post, too.

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