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13 Super Interesting Facts About Halloween That You Should Know!

Get your costume and your pumpkin basket ready, it’s Halloween! This special event is largely celebrating across the world and can be extremely fun to take part in. Many people take to DIY so that they can turn up to a party in the best, innovative costume idea. If you have children, you will probably be spending your Saturday night on 31st October out visiting neighbours’ houses so they can get some treats to take home. But what about the origin of this holiday? Do you know anything about it’s special history? Here we list super interesting facts that you should know about Halloween!

1. It is stated that Halloween originates from Ireland where Celtics would celebrate the festival of the dead which was called Samhain.

2. This isn’t surprising: Halloween is the second highest grossing holiday (but more so in America). This has an awful lot to do with how much people will spend on the decorations and costumes. The first highest grossing holiday is obviously Christmas!

3.  Orson Welles famously broadcasted a radio play on 30th October 1938. This play was a modern adaptation of H.G’. Wells’ novel titled of  “War of the Worlds.” Apparently, when Americans heard this broadcast, they believed it was a real news story. This lead them to think that their country was being attacked by an army of aliens.

4. Owls have been used in Halloween because if they made the call in the night, it represented that someone was going to die.

5. On Halloween in Germany, they make sure to hide knives so that evil spirits don’t hurt them or themselves.

6. Turnips were actually originally carved but they became difficult to find, which is why Pumpkins became a good alternative to scare bad spirits away. Plus, their orange colour suits the Halloween theme better.

7. Certain Animals and insects are popular during Halloween because they are a linked to Wiccans. Black cats, bats and spiders are seen as bad luck because of their link to witches.

8. It’s said that humans wore costumes to disguise themselves from ghosts and other spirits. It was believed that on 31st October, the world between the living and the dead would cross over, meaning dead people could walk on our streets. People wanted to hide from them, so they dressed up like them.

9. On 1st November, it was a day called Hallowmas or All Saints Day. This is why Halloween was once called Hallow’s Eve and then shortened.

10. Orange is used because it’s connected to Autumn’s leaves and black is used because it’s connected to death.

11. It’s said that if you see a spider on Halloween, it might be someone close to you who has passed away is watching over you with love.

12. Ouiji Boards are sometimes played with during Halloween. Ouiji Boards are supposed to allow you to talk to the dead, which is especially bad if done on Halloween due to the active spirits. These boards should be avoided at all times.

13. There was a man called Jack Who that would try and trick the devil. Because of this, he isn’t allowed to go to either Heaven or Hell which means he would forever wave a lantern to scare people. This is why we have Jack-o-lanterns.

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