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3 ways to cleanse yourself of negative energy

Negative energies can get the best of us down at the most inconvenient of time. Leaving us feeling weak and worthless, it’s always good to know a few simple tricks to rid our body and mind of these terrible energies, so that we can move on and enjoy our day.

Method 1: Channeling

A method which I find to be the quickest ritual of ridding yourself of negativity is to channel this bad energy to your hands. It’s best to complete this method infront of a sink or close to a bin. If using a sink you will need to fill it with water first, and if using a bin then it’s necessary to have a piece of rubbish or paper that you can throw away.

To begin with, start to channel negative energy from your mind and body to the very tips of your fingers. You’ll be able to tell when you’re successfully channelling energy to your hands because you will begin to get a tingly (almost pulsing) sensation in your palms and fingertips. Once you feel as though you have channelled as much negative energy as possible to this part of your body pick up your piece of paper/rubbish and begin to transfer the negative energies into the object. Alternatively, if you have opted for the sink method you should now hold your hands under the water and allow the negative energies to flow out of your palms. When you feel as though the bad energies have been fully removed from the tips of your hand (and body) it is time to throw the your negative energies into the bin, or remove the plug in the sink.

Method 2: Salt water remedy

The salt water remedy is a technique used to aid in the ridding of bad spirits and energies which may have attached themselves to a person in one form or another. The host of black energies may find themselves suffering in mental problems such as unclear thinking, addictions and depression (however if you are suffering from addiction or depression whilst this method may help to relieve those problems it would still be advisable to contact a mental health advisor where further insight into your problems can be dealt with). Other issues that people who are feeling the effects of dark energies may experience are sudden spurts of bad luck and financial difficulty. In serious cases physical problems such as chest pain may arise and it would again be advised that you contact a medical professional in these instances.

To complete the salt water remedy you will need:

  • A large bucket
  • Water
  • Rock salt (sea salt crystals can be used as an alternative but will not be as effective).
  • A towel

Fill the bucket with enough water to cover up to at least 1 inch above the ankles. Add 2 tablespoons of rock salt to the water and allow the salt to dissolve. The water can be heated to a temperature that you are comfortable with but this is not required.

To ensure that you are at ease and protected during this process ask for help from your spirit guides and angels, if you are a person of religion pray to your respective god, and ask for the strength to remove the dark energies from your body.

Sitting comfortably with your back upright, place your feet into the bucket keeping at least an inch distance between them. It’s important to keep your feet apart during this process as a connection will create another channel for the black energy to flow through. Keep your feet in the water for at least 10 minutes and concentrate on removing the negativity from yourself. If you wish to speak to your guides through this process you can do, however this is not necessary. When you are ready to remove your feet from the water feel the dark energies flow off your skin and dab your feet dry with a towel.

Method 3: White light protection

White light protection should be used whenever an individual is attempting make contact with another realm and can be used in situations where you are dealing with a problematic person or with negative energies and emotions. White light is a brilliant energy to protect yourself with as it covers your whole aura and acts as a brick wall defence against all energies, this does however mean that you will be unable to pick up on any energies outside of your protection bubble.

Sitting with your feet firmly on the ground began to ground yourself through the activation of your root chakra. Place your palms in an upright position either on your lap or on your seat (whichever is most comfortable for you), close your eyes and relax.

Taking deep breaths, begin to visualize white light around yourself. As you inhale you are allowing the white light to enter with your breath filling your lungs and playfully sourcing through your body. As you exhale the light falls gently to your abdomen and settles.  After a few inhalations imagine that the sky begins to part above you and envision a stream of white light beginning to beam down. The white light is beaming down on you and meets you on the crown of your head. This light, sent from the spiritual realm, is your protector. Focus your attention on where the light meets your crown; the light begins to pour over you wrapping itself through your aura and you can see the white completely covering itself around your body.

You are now protected by white light. Whilst the desired effects may last for a while, the light energy will begin to grow weaker after a time, and if you feel as though you are still in danger of negative energies you will need to reapply this protective boundary.
Throw the salt water into the toilet when you are done with it and rinse the bucket to ensure that any negative energies are gone from it. At this point it’s important to not get any of the water on your skin as this could allow for some of the energy to get back into your body. Thank your spirit guides (or god) for their protection and enjoy the rest of your day.

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