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30 Day Negative Energy Cleanse

There are many times where our lives are surrounded by subtle negativities which can build up to make a huge difference. Mental well-being is super important because when it’s affected, it can decrease our positive vibes and good moods! Some things could alter the way you feel about life, which is why a simple and easy to follow 30-day negative energy cleanse is brilliant. By doing just one task per day, you could transform your entire month, so why not start now? Even if you start in the middle of the month, you can still continue until the next month so you can cover all remaining days. Below are the different days and the tasks that are assigned to them. See how many you can complete!

Day 1: Note down everything you’re grateful for.

It is an excellent way to start your month because it’s focusing on the positives in life.

Day 2: Have a quick spring clean to get rid of unwanted or unused items.

Clutter can affect how calm we feel, which is why getting rid of things will make space in our homes and our mind.

Day 3: Don’t buy anything.

Make your lunch in the morning and try not to get anything from the shops. Buying snacks and items we don’t need will give you buyer’s remorse, so try and avoid it today.

Day 4: Give someone a genuine compliment.

Being nice to others will make you feel good, too. If someone looks nice or you have something great to say about their personality, tell them and watch them light up!

Day 5: Carry semi-precious stones in your bag or pocket to influence positivity.

The best ones are Moonstone, Blue Agate, Citrine and more.

Day 6: Spend an hour with your pet or someone else’s.

Animals are the best because they can sense when you’re not feeling great. Spending around pets for cuddles or walks will help boost happy vibes.

Day 7: Read a chapter of a book at lunch instead of surfing the internet.

Reading is a great way to relieve stress and boost your imagination, which is an easy way to increase a good mood before you finish your lunch break.

Day 8: Research a new food recipe and cook it for yourself.

Sometimes, eating the same thing can be a bit mundane. Knowing you’re able to cook an insanely tasty meal is an easy way of bringing excitement into our lives.

Day 9: Clear out a side drawer in your bedroom.

Everyone has that drawer that is full of receipts, notepads, magazines and all sorts that get majorly clogged. Once you throw away the old things you don’t need and organise your home, you’ll feel miles better.

Day 10: Stay away from particular social media profiles.

Whether it’s a model who’s got an amazing body or an ex who’s going out with someone new, looking at other people’s lives can make us feel bad about our own. Comparing ourselves to others is silly and will make you awful.

Day 11: Spend time on your own for an hour or two.

After work, it’s sometimes a good idea just to relax on your own so you can refresh. Have a bubble bath or go jogging to unwind your mind!

Day 12: Don’t complain.

It might be a little tricky, but not complaining can change the way we think about the day. Complaining doesn’t achieve anything positive, so try and cut it out for just one day (if you can!).

Day 13: Do something creative.

Whether it’s writing a poem, painting a small picture or baking, doing something creative is a great stress reliever that will take your mind off whatever is making you feel negative.

Day 14: Do something for someone else.

If you know someone who might need a hand with something, let them know you’re available. Even if it’s babysitting for a friend so they can have their date night, it’ll make a huge difference.

Day 15: List what makes you sad.

Once you identify what triggers you to feel negative, the easier it’ll be to avoid them in the future!

Day 16: Meet up with someone for coffee.

Talking to a friend about different topics is an effective way to take your mind off the problems you’re experiencing at the moment.

Day 17: Go and sit on a park bench for half an hour.

Being around nature can make us realise how beautiful life is, regardless of the hardships we experience. Taking a time out and having fresh air will leave you feeling mentally balanced.

Day 18: Listen to one of your favourite albums.

When we listen to music that makes us happy, our overall moods will be much more upbeat. Stick on an entire album while you work or do chores and you’ll find tasks much more enjoyable.

Day 19: Read over old emails or text messages.

When we’re feeling rubbish, it can be difficult to look towards the positives, especially when we feel bad about ourselves. If you’re in a relationship or have a brilliant friend, have a read over your old text messages where they said lovely things to you. It’ll remind you that the connection we have with people is what makes life enjoyable.

Day 20: Swap a coffee for a smoothie.

Swapping caffeine for a fruit smoothie full of nutrients and vitamins will not only boost our brain productivity, but it’ll make us feel much healthier. Treat your body like the temple it is!

Day 21: Watch a comedy movie.

If you’re having a bad day, one of the best things you can do is watch a funny movie while being wrapped up in a blanket. Laughing is the best medicine for when we’re not feeling great, which is why picking this day to watch an old classic is an ace idea.

Day 22: Buy some flowers for your desk.

Flowers can be very colourful and the more we surround ourselves with them, the better we’ll feel! A bright bouquet can help to boost your mood while you’re completing work throughout the day.

Day 23: Get back in touch with a friend.

Having a big catch up online or in person is a great way to bring happiness into your day. Speaking about old times will indeed bring laughter into your day!

Day 24: Treat yourself to something small.

Whether it’s a magazine or your favourite chocolate bar, a little gift can make you smile.

Day 25: Meditate in the morning.

Start your day with a peaceful attitude by taking 5-10 minutes to meditate before you jump in the car or on public transport to start your busy day.

Day 26: Turn off your phone until lunch.

Constantly looking at our phones can distract us from important tasks we need to complete, plus it will make the day drag if you continue to look at the time. Turn off your phone and believe us, the day will fly!

Day 27: Bring in a homemade lunch into work.

If you don’t come prepared, the majority of your lunch break will be spent standing in a huge line to get a sandwich. If you bring a meal in, it’ll give you more time to relax during your break.

Day 28: Make your bed.

It doesn’t feel great returning home to a room that looks like a bull has been let loose in it. Making your bed and clearing away any mugs will make walking back into your room much more relaxing at the end of the day.

Day 29: Write a letter and send it.

If you have a long distance friend or family member, be more traditional by writing them a long letter. Who knows, they could become a bit of a pen pal. Awaiting their response in the post will be something to look forward to!

Day 30: Let go of something bothering you.

Did you make a mistake at work or have you said something you regret? It’s impossible to turn back time and undo our regrets and disappointments, which is why letting go of them will make you much happier. Everyone makes mistakes!

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