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4 Commandments For A Happier Life

The key to a happy life is something we all search for and it does mean very different things for each person.
However, we think making the smallest positive changes to your life life can make it a much happier one. Feeling positive can be a daily struggle for some people however, there are some ways you can put a spring back in your step.
Have a look at our 4 commandments for a happy life that could help you put a smile back on your face and improve your year!

be kind to others

Doing random acts of kindness is an amazing part of life. When we decide to do something lovely, we may never know how much of a positive influence it could have had on that person.
Offering money to someone who is a pound short on the train may have resulted in them being able to get to that life changing interview, or maybe that sandwich you gave a homeless man prevented him from going hungry for a night.
Every little positive action you do doesn’t just help people, it helps you as well. When you show your soft side and help someone, you have done a good deed and might feel great about it for weeks. If you are positive, you’ll receive positive energy from others.
Once you start doing even the smallest of kind actions, you’ll see how much better you feel about yourself.

dont compare

You might look at someone and believe they are more attractive than you or really lucky because they have a lovely home. This is bad because we should never ever compare ourselves to others or wish we were somebody else.
How would you feel if someone you knew kept telling you that you aren’t as good as someone else they know? You’d be really upset, right?
Well… it’s actually YOU doing this to yourself and its toxic behaviour!
Every single person on this planet leads a different life and we’re all unique.
How boring would it be if everyone was the same? Every single person on this planet has flaws and it’s what makes people who they are.
Also, you might assume that someone is happy because they are beautiful and wealthy. Even the most gorgeous celebrities alive can still go through depression, divorce and unhappiness. When you’re comparing yourself to someone, remember that they might be having a hard time, just like everyone else could experience at some part in their life. The sooner you start appreciating your life more the way it is, the happier you will become.

learn to love

Many people have gone through complete heartbreak. To be honest, with the amount of pain you can physically feel because of it, it’s hard to believe that people eventually move on with their lives and can feel love again.
When you are in the middle of it all, you might feel as if your life is ending.
Because of this, in the future, you could become bitter towards your ex, or you might be afraid of it happening again (which is completely normal).
This could mean that without you even knowing it, you could be blocking out potential love in your life that could be even better than any of your previous relationships.
If you’re not meant to be with the person who you believe is truly “The One”, how amazing is the person going to be that you are meant to be with? Yes, this could happen! Someone could completely take you by surprise.
If you’re really struggling with letting love in, perhaps try and surround yourself with animals that give an unlimited supply of affection, or go out with friends as often as you can.
Once you’re used to this, you might feel a little more optimistic about meeting new people, which could lead to your next loving relationship.

find your passion

People can go through life having a difficult time finding what they are really passionate about.
You might have been someone who has changed university degrees or careers a couple of times, constantly on the search for what keeps you ticking.
Whatever you do, don’t think changing your mind is a bad thing because it only gets you closer to the complete joys of passion.
Perhaps it’s a good idea to try a few activities that could surprise you.
If you are a creative person, yet you aren’t the best artist, cooking could you right up your alley. List what you like doing as a hobby and see if there are any careers or regular activities you can take part in. Once you have found your passion, it could become a huge part of your life, connecting you with like minded people that could turn into long term friends.

Do you reckon you are going to try out these 4 commandments for happiness? If you need a little more help and would like to gain some spiritual insight into your life, click here and one of our talented psychics could give you a reading.

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