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5 Signs It’s Time To Consider A Life Overhaul

For many of us, there will be days where we feel a burst of happiness, because we feel confident in what we’re doing with our lives. For some of us, we might start to feel very unfulfilled, as if there is a huge jigsaw piece missing. This feeling can happen to all of us, however, if this happens to you on a regular basis, it might be the time you consider a life overhaul. What exactly is an “overhaul”? It’s all about looking at the bigger picture and asking if you are truly happy. It’s essential to remember that you have what it takes to improve your life. You are capable, so don’t ever overlook what you have the ability to do. If you want a change for the better and you want the courage to do so, leading up to the New Year is a brilliant time to figure out what you want. This way, you can understand the change you want and why. If you’re unsure about whether this change is right for you, check out our 10 signs that you might just recognise.

1. You get up every day, not feeling any type of excitement for the day.

This could be because of your career, whether it’s the sector you work in or how many hours you do. For example, you might be a creative working in a corporate office. Or, you might be someone constantly doing overtime. If there are things you know you can alter in your situation, try making the effort. Ask your boss if you can scale back on the extra work so you can have more time to yourself. If you have a dream job and you want to go for it, start putting a plan into place. It’s your life, so don’t waste it living five days a week being miserable!

2. You often dream about the past.

What you don’t always realise about the present, is that it’s the path to a happier future if you actually follow it. If you are someone who constantly thinks about the past or your regrets, you need to understand this is something you can’t change. What you CAN change is your future. What can you do now that will help? You need to let go of the past and focus on what could happen.

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3. You’re lying to yourself about being happy.

Has a relationship or job gone south? Sometimes, we don’t want to appear like a Debbie-downer, so we often lie about what’s really going on. The first step is to start being honest with yourself. If you’re unhappy, the people who care about you will probably want to help you think about other options. Getting support from friends and family can give us enough of a boost to make a much-needed change. Take it one step at a time and remind yourself that it’s ok to need support.

4. You start to become jealous of other people.

Turn jealousy into inspiration, instead of believing you can’t succeed the way someone else has. Everyone needs to start somewhere. If you know this person, ask them about how they climbed the success ladder and you might just hear some excellent advice. Chances are, they’ll tell you about the struggles they’ve encountered, too. Never believe that you can’t get what you really want. If you drill negative thoughts into your head, the harder it will be to take the next step towards happiness.

5. You’ve lost all motivation.

If opportunities are presented yet you feel numb about it, there’s something not quite right. You should feel excited about something new that comes your way. If an opportunity to travel fills you with dread, you should view this as anticipation instead of something you can’t do. When change comes along, welcome it with open arms. “Should have, could have, would have” doesn’t need to be your motto. How will you know whether anything is going to be great if you don’t try?

Many of us will feel fed up from time to time however, there is a way to break this mould. If you notice that you relate to these 5 points on a regular basis, you should list the areas you aren’t happy with in your life and work new year’s eve resolutions around them. If these changes mean something to you, the more likely you to follow them through. All in all, we hope you can get on the route to happiness soon! Good luck!

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