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5 Simple Solutions For When You’re Feeling Down

Are you going through a rough patch in your life where nothing seems to be going to plan and everyday something else seems to go wrong? Do you know why?
It’s because you’re human! Bad times happen to each and every one of us, making this completely normal!

No matter how wealthy, healthy and loved you are, sometimes life can take an unexpected turn, leaving us feeling down for several months.
How do we get ourselves out of this awful time in our lives?
The answer is to not try and get ourselves out of it but instead to find ways to deal with it until this time has passed.
Take this indeed time and you should try and learn to appreciate it because it will make you a stronger person and next time, you’ll know how to perk yourself up and get on with life.

We’re sure that if there was a fairy godmother who could wave her wand and banish all our problems, she would be the most in demand person alive.
However, in the real world, we have to find ways to stay calm until it settles and the sun beams through the clouds once again.

This is why we have listed ways we think could help cheer you up. These tips can be done on a regular basis and aren’t difficult to follow through.
Have a read and keep your chin up!

1. Talk to someone about how you’re feeling.

If you tell yourself that how you are feeling is wrong, chances are, you’ll start distancing yourself from the people around you.
Believe us when we say that there will be someone who has gone through a rough time in their lives. Of course, they may not have had the same problems yet they can offer wisdom and different, effective ways of dealing with problems.

Your friends and loved ones care about you therefore, it’s always a great idea to sit them down and open up about it.
How would you feel if you found out someone in your family has been down for months and felt like they couldn’t talk to anyone about it?
You would probably say, “Why? You know I’ll always be there whenever you need me!”, so it’s time you do the same.
After being honest, you will feel relieved, making the journey towards finding peace in the situation easier.

2. Spend time with animals, whether that’s your own pet or someone else’s.

Animals are absolutely brilliant and are often used in therapeutic environments for people who are ill or troubled in their lives. Animals love unconditionally therefore, they will be more than happy to give all the attention you need to feel better.
Dogs for example, are often used as support dogs for the disabled, helping them gain more confidence in their lives due to the love dogs give naturally.
This will work well for people who aren’t feeling the best. What is better than cuddles with an adorable pet?! Better yet, you could take them to the park for a fun run-around which will distract you from your problems plus, it is a good way to exercise.

3. Treat yourself.

Now, we don’t mean spending hundreds of pounds in shops because that can lead to a very unhealthy habit. Instead, we mean perhaps getting your nails done or running a lovely hot bath at the end of the day.
It’s important that we look after ourselves and when we are down.
We can often wallow in how we feel, making us feel even worse. That is why it’s a good idea to do something positive for yourself to feel that little bit better.
Light some candles, buy your favourite magazine and sooth your body in a hot bath. This will help you drift off to sleep at a time of night that can be difficult to switch off if you’re upset.
If you can think of something else that you love, such as painting or writing, do it!

4. Become inspired by a book.

Like we said before, everyone has dark periods in their life that are difficult to get past.
You might be surprised to learn that there are many influential people out there who have experienced the same feelings you have now. These people may have picked themselves up after a terrible time (which is especially hard when being in the public eye) and you might be able to learn something from them. Have a look at some celebrities you admire and try to find a good autobiography of theirs.
Or, you can even opt to for a fictional story about a hero who has go through trials and tribulations to reach happiness and their full potential!
Reading one that takes you through someone’s life could help you relate and will remind you that this time will past. After all, if that person can get through it, so can you!

5. Do something nice for someone else.

You might be experiencing a bad time in your life however, there will be plenty of people who are having a hard time, too. A great way to feel good about the world and yourself is to do something nice to someone. Is there an elderly next door neighbour who lives on their own? Next time you see them struggling with getting the shopping out of their car, give them a hand. Who knows, you might end up chatting for them for a while, getting to know them a little better. Being kind to people is also good for you, which means that once you do a good deed of some sort, you’ll feel happy about making a difference, giving your day more positivity.


What did you think of our 5 solutions to when you are feeling down? Is there anything in particular you do to forget about your troubles?

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