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5 Ways to Attract Abundance Into Your Life

Contrary to popular belief, good health, love, money and luck do not just come to us by accident. Not all the time anyway. We actually have a great deal of control over what happens to us, more so than we might realise, and we can help to bring positive things into our lives. Through our thoughts, actions and intentions, we can attract abundance into our lives, in all shapes and forms.

Whether it’s improving your finances, bringing good health, meeting your soulmate or just increasing your luck, we’re going to show you 5 ways to attract abundance into your life.


Visualisation is one of the most well-known methods and one of the easiest to try. It doesn’t require any equipment, tools or objects other than your own mind.

Simply sit in a quiet space where you can concentrate, close your eyes and mentally visualise the thing you desire. Whether it’s a new car, a holiday or something non-physical such as love; really concentrate hard and focus on your desire, breathing slowly and deeply. Feel it with every fibre of your being and imagine how amazing it would be to have it.

When you’ve firmly visualised your desire in your mind, use the fingers of your right hand to tap lightly on the pinky side of your left hand. Do this at least five times, remembering to breathe deeply throughout. Repeat on the opposite hands.

You can do this twice a day until your desire manifests itself.

Energising Water

Now this isn’t going out and buying yourself an energy drink, it’s actually much simpler. All you have to do is pour yourself a glass of water, either from the tap or from a bottle, place your hands around the glass, and use the above visualisation technique.

Visualise the thing you want in your mind and see the positive energy flow from your mind, down your body to your hands and through the glass into the water. When you’re confident that you have done this, drink the water.

Again this can be done a couple of times a day.

Express gratitude for the good things you already have

Acknowledging the positive things in your life lets the universe know that you are humble, grateful and open to receiving good. To get the positive energy flowing in the direction that you want, you can either make a list every day of the things that you are thankful for in life, such as family, friends, your career, or you can recite daily gratitudes out loud. Sometimes it works better to do it in front of a mirror.

Focusing too much on the negative things in your life stops the positive energy flowing in a way that brings new, great things to you. It also stops you being able to recognise positive things that you should be thankful for.

Positive thinking

This is different to visualisation. Visualisation is a specific action whereas positive thinking is a way of life; a specific outlook to have.

Say for example, you see a couple walking hand in hand. Instead of feeling jealous, say to yourself “my soulmate and I are going to meet when the time is right.”

If you see a new coat that you like but it’s a bit too expensive, instead of thinking “I wish I could afford that,” say to yourself (and the universe) “one day I will have that.”

It’s all about framing things in a certain way. Positive thinking is a tough one because it cannot be achieved in the blink of an eye. It takes work and practice. Thinking positively allows positive energy to flow around you and is well worth the practice and patience.

Tarot spell

The following is traditionally a tarot money spell but you can use it to bring a wealth of anything into your life.

Take the Empress card, Ace of Pentacles and Nine of Pentacles out of your deck and set the rest aside.

  1. Close your eyes and begin to take deep breaths
  2. Visualise whatever kind of wealth you desire; financial, love, career or happiness for example. Really focus on just how rich you are and let it fill your entire body.
  3. Open your eyes and look at the Empress. Absorb the energy she emits and know that she will take care of you with her growth and fertility.
  4. Next look at the Ace of Pentacles. Representing gifts, surprises and new projects, let this card’s magic encompass you.
  5. Finally, look at the Nine of Pentacles.This card represents basking in riches and financial independence. Visualise what you would do if you had the kind of wealth you’re looking for.
  6. With closed eyes and still breathing deeply, say aloud ““I am open to receive my abundance, and as I say it, so shall it be.”

Worrying about money & finances, or anything else that is lacking in your life, can really take a toll on your spirit and happiness. So the above techniques to attract abundance into your life are really worth trying out. Often, through positive thinking and reciting daily gratitudes, we come to realise that we have a lot more than we thought anyway!


How To Attract Abundance Into Your Life

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