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7 Steps To Get Over Heart Break

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An excellent post titled “A Seven-step guide to heartbreak” on a lifestyle blog, “Cup of Jo” where the editor, Caroline has spoken about her recent experience with her long term boyfriend.
Of course, this is a very personal subject however Caroline bravely transformed her heartbreak into a brilliant lesson which has made her a lot stronger. For the readers she has listed 7 steps on how to get over heartbreak.

She explained after three years, her and her partner realised they didn’t want to spend their lives together and that she was really bad at saying goodbye. It then occurred to us how odd relationships are in the bigger picture. You have to literally say goodbye to someone you have seen every day for the past few years and just cut all contact.

It seems extremely cut throat to have to do this because one or both people may feel like a disposable bag of rubbish. Going from regular contact and weekend dates to never seeing their face again makes us realise how strong we are at handling human emotions. Unfortunately this is necessary to move on.
Relationships do become a routine, no matter how happy you are, because you are expecting to see that person and you have no reason not to, just like your 9 to 5 job (but a bit more enjoyable).

Caroline explained that she went through the breakup process of when the reality of the break up hit her and eating a large amount of ice cream.
We must remind you that it is perfectly acceptable to allow yourself to feel do this in the early stages of a break up and it’s normal to mourn over a loss of a relationship.
The more you repress your feelings, the more likely they are to build up until one day; they might all come bursting out at once.

One of the first points to get over a heartbreak is to listen to your friends but don’t do exactly what they say. This is a great point because at the end of the day, only you and your partner will  be the only ones who have a full understanding of your relationship and what you are like as a romantic partner. Therefore, if your friends are telling you to go out and try to meet a lot of new people, it might be a bit overwhelming for you as a person, regardless of your break up.
Of course, friends can offer support but you shouldn’t change the way you would live your life. The best thing to do is to find what you feel comfortable with. If you don’t want to date for a while, don’t. Everyone has a different amount of time they take to get over a break up and this can change based on the person.


Another one of our favourite points is to “go hug something”.
This is an important one because you will be used to human contact with your partner, such as hugs and kisses and then suddenly, boom, affection from them is put to an end.
Caroline goes on to explain that romantic love isn’t the only one worth seeking.
If this is the case, you are more likely to get into new relationships quicker than you should.
You should only move onto a new relationship if you are fully over your previous one.

Instead, you should concentrate on the different types of love in your life. How about your parents? These are family members who know us better than we know ourselves sometimes and wouldn’t it be nice to go and visit them for dinner to talk about things on your mind? Chances are, your parents have had life lessons and they can pass on some wisdom, whilst giving you a hug.

Another great source of a hug is animals and they can help us become much happier. Animals love us unconditionally. They don’t decide to get up and leave; they are bonded to us for the rest of their lives and their loyalty has no limit. So if you have a dog or a cat, watch a film and give them a well deserved cuddle and this can help you stop feeling alone. If you don’t have a pet, ask if you can borrow a friend’s. Chances are, they won’t say no to a few nights off from their animal if they require a lot of attention.

“Borrow my Doggy” is perfect for people who love animals but don’t actually own one. You can sign up as someone who is available to look after a dog and you can interact with someone who needs a dog walker. Afterwards, you can drop the dog back off to their home and you’ve had tonnes of fun with a cute dog, brightening your day up!

To read the other points on” A Cup of Jo” click here and see how else you can help yourself get over a breakup. Lastly, good luck and if you need more spiritual guidance on this breakup, you can always contact us.

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