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8 Times Grace Victory Delivered Inspiring And Eye-Opening Spiritual Truths

If you follow Grace Victory on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll already be familiar with her spiritual journey. Whether she’s exploring healing crystals or uncovering the magic of numerology, this girl is delving deep into the world of intuition, meditation and intention in a bid to tackle her demons and make the most of her full potential. 

To celebrate Grace’s divine expedition, we’ve picked out just a few of her posts that really resonated with us. Whether you’re new to the world of astrology and tarot or you’re already well into your journey of self love and spiritual care, we’re sure you’ll be nodding along in agreement and hanging onto Grace’s every word!


1. The time she practised gratitude

Life can certainly be challenging. When life throws curve balls our way, whether it’s a difficult breakup, the loss of a family member, illness or poor mental health, it can sometimes help a little to look for the positives in your life, no matter how small. Here Graces showed the importance of spending some time outside and focusing on the beauty of all the nature around you.


2. The time she told fellow Virgos how it is

As a self-aware Virgo herself, Grace has taken the time to learn exactly what her star sign means and how astrology can impact her life and potential. By familiarising herself with the powers of the stars, we bet Grace is able to make the most of her strengths while also learning how to work on her weaknesses.

3. The time she explored the spiritual significance of the colour she’s most drawn to

Colour can have a significant impact on our mood, aura and life. Here, Grace talks about her attraction to green and the multitude of benefits that come from surrounding yourself with such a colour. If you’d like to learn more about the healing powers of each colour, take a look at our guide to how the colours of the rainbow can change your mood.

We’ve also written about how to identify the colour of your aura (and what your colour means).

🍃🌱Grace’s Green Serenity Bath. For some reason I am attracted to green more than ever. I want to be in nature, I want to hold my malachite (green stone) and I also want to generally eat more green stuff 🍃🌱Green is the colour of the heart chakra and symbolises opening your heart space to an abundance of love, balance, growth and life. It represents compassion, transformation, softness, calmness, serenity, and nature. Green 💚 is the expansion of your deeper self and an openness to all things new •• My heart is so full and wide at the moment as I have been doing some pretty deep inward work. I am so open, so grounded and so safe. I’m also hormonal at the moment and I felt called to create this incredibly nourishing, loving and new energy bath 💚💛🌱🍃 •• Oatmilk, apple cider vinegar, Epsom salts, dried rosemary, cypress oil, lemongrass oil, pine needles oil. •• Music 🎧 Heart Chakra Alchemy 💚 #healgrowglow

A post shared by Grace 🦋 (@gracefvictory) on


4. The time she perfectly summed up the Seven of Fire card

When Grace tweeted a photo of the Seven of Fire card along with the words: “Feel your intuition, go with your gut, connect to source/God/universe, step into your power to feel safe and grounded, you are protected… just believe and have faith. That third eye is working FOR you and WITH you,” she knew exactly what she was talking about.

The Seven of Fire, from the Dreams of Gaia Oracle Card deck, is a card heavily influenced by intuition, discovery, exploration and spiritual guidance. It’s a really positive card to come across because it can indicate a period of peace and tranquillity, providing you’re willing to pay attention to your inner voice and the messages the universe gives you.

Have you ever felt as though a certain moment has been created just for you? Whether you’ve come across a white feather shortly after a loved one’s death or an obscure song from your childhood starts playing in the shopping centre just when you needed to hear it most, powers outside of our control have a funny way of communicating with us in times of need and confusion. Often, we brush these things off and put them down to coincidences. Repeat after us: there’s no such thing as a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason and the sooner you learn to pay attention to the clues your surroundings give you, the sooner you can heal from bad memories that weigh you down and overcome your fears.

5. The time she highlighted the importance of reflection

Ronan Keating was onto something when he said that life is a rollercoaster. As much as we’d love our lives to be smooth sailing and stress-free, in reality we need to accept that it’s full of ups and downs. Acknowledging the difficult periods and reflecting on the lessons you’ve learned can be a really effective way of improving your mental strength and resilience. So it’s great to see Grace reflecting on the difficulties of April and striving to learn something from even the most challenging of experiences. We also admire her positivity. No matter how testing April was, she knew that May would be a blank canvas and a fresh start.

6. The time she emphasised the need to find spirituality within yourself

Here at Wishing Moon, we devote so much time to providing you with resources that will help you start your spiritual journey, overcome pain and pressures, and transform your life into the fulfilling, happy and loving journey you deserve. However, as Grace perfectly explains here, ‘ultimately the higher consciousness you are seeking is inside you’. You are the key to your spiritual growth and progression. Take inspiration from other places, by all means, but at the end of the day it’s up to you to put your discoveries into practise yourself.

7.The time she proved her willingness to work on herself

As valuable as confidence and self assurance can be, a willingness to work on yourself plays an important role in your ability to learn, grow and evolve. Grace regularly demonstrates this ability, but here is a recent example.

By reflecting on the things that make her feel bad and assessing how her own actions could potentially improve her experience, Grace is sure to continue her journey of growth.

8.The time she shared this absolute truth

No matter who you are or what you do, we bet there have been times in your life when you’ve felt like other people are working tirelessly to change you as a person and shape you into something you’re not.

Think of yourself as a superhero with your own unique set of powers and special abilities. Sure, you might not be able to fly or see through walls or teleport from one country to another at the blink of an eye, but you do have powers on a completely different level. Perhaps you have the power to influence and inspire those around you. Perhaps you have the power to make others laugh and bless people with constant joy. Perhaps you have the power to heal and care for those who matter to you the most. No matter what your power is, you’re destined to encounter people who try to suppress your talents and prevent you from unleashing your true magic on the world. As Grace succinctly explains in her tweet, no good can come of diminishing your power to make other people feel comfortable.

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