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About Angel at Wishing Moon

Hello and welcome.

I have worked as a successful clairvoyant, psychic, tarot reader, crystal healer and spell caster for many years. I have diplomas with distinction in psychic studies, Tarot and spell crafting.

I have been giving guidance and advice using the Tarot for many years. By using the Tarot to highlight the root cause of our problems, to see problems in the future, which we then, through choice, choose to avoid, allows us to make improvements in our lives and to take control of our destinies.

To use the Tarot to see future happy events brings hope and fulfilment, which in turn, can only improve our self esteem and lead us to live our lives in a manner that enables us to be the best that we can.

A lifetime’s experience as a psychic and healer allows me to make the sweeping statement above. Your letters and e-mails are proof TO ME that the magic of the Tarot, the insight and guidance of my Spirit guides really does help YOU.

I believe that we are ALL born with clairvoyant and psychic abilities; sadly some of us lose this gift because we do not use it. I assure you that my psychic advisors and I have worked extremely hard in heightening our psychic senses; we can and do hear our spiritual guides with the utmost clarity.

Many of you know me as ANGEL, International Clairvoyant and Psychic… a great deal more of you, I am proud to say, know me as a FRIEND.

The Company Name

Angel and the Moon, the origins of our company name.

Words of wisdom “as long as the moon lights the night sky it will never really be dark so make a wish and whatever you are afraid of will be gone in the morning light”. I was six years old and terrified of the dark, I must have found comfort in those wise words, as I can’t remember being afraid of the dark thereafter.

These days I see the moon in her feminine form as maiden, mother and crone and yes I still make wishes when she is full.

As an adult my interest in the spiritual side of life increased, I gained diplomas in Tarot, Spell craft and psychic studies with distinction. In 2001 I found myself with too much work and far too many responsibilities, most days I wished I could split myself in two!

The millennium had awakened the need in people to learn more about the psychic world and indeed the increased interest in all things “spiritual” boomed. It was at this time that I found that people were not only looking for spiritual enlightenment but there were a great many more who were looking for help because they felt isolated.

People’s lives had changed, no longer did they have the large families and the close-knit communities of 25 years ago where brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles lived just around the corner within easy reach of each other. In fact the family network of support that we all need at traumatic points in our lives had gone.

Part of the work of a psychic is to fill what I think of as the family gap, people need to know that they can still find help when they need it most. There was a genuine need for confidential readings provided by experienced, naturally gifted clairvoyants, mediums and psychics who would offer that help by actually being able to see the future through the clients eyes and most importantly help that was easily obtainable at a price affordable to all.

With these thoughts in my mind I knew where my spiritual path was leading me. I decided to seek out a “psychic family” of readers who had the same spiritual insight as myself to work with me. That is how our company came into being.

It seemed appropriate when choosing a name for the company to use wishing moon after all wishing on the moon was given to me with love and it felt right to build this company on that foundation stone of love.

Pure insight is a gift that all my readers possess; it is a spiritual energy that helps them to connect with you and in so doing they strive to give you hope and to help you face your future with confidence.

So now you know how Wishing Moon Pure Insight came to be.

I hope that you find something among the pages of this site to inspire you, please feel free to browse our pages and should you choose to have a psychic reading with any of our psychic family then be assured that you will be greeted with a very warm welcome

May you be blessed