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Are You Having Psychic Dreams?

We’ve all woken up from a dream that feels oddly preminiscent of the day ahead. During times of loss I often dream deeply about the individual; the first time I distinctly remember this happening I was 12 years old and I awoke in the early hours of the morning from a dream about my Great Grandad, only to hear the phone ring just minutes later to the news that he had passed away in his sleep. It’s a hard ‘talent’ to come across and can be even harder to deal with. It’s difficult to understand whether these types of dreams are simply coincidence or a coping mechanism of us tuning into the psychic world to say our final goodbyes.

Speaking to friends and family about these types of dreams I learnt that dreams similar to these aren’t uncommon and that many friends had also encountered dreams of a similar nature. As I grew older I realised that I personally would dream about the person and awake during the night shortly after their time of passing. I then started to notice that more often than not the dreams which I woke up being able to remember held significant relevance to the days and sometimes weeks ahead.

But how can you differentiate a normal dream from a psychic dream?

Evaluate your dream

A simple way to attempt to recognise if a recent dream was a psychic one is to evaluate the dreams content. When you wake up give yourself time to think through the dream and ask yourself basic questions – who was in the dream? – how did the dream make you feel? – were you aware that you were dreaming? – did you have some control over how the dream unfolded?

After you have done this it is then a good idea to take a closer look at the circumstances in which you had these dreams. Were you experiencing loss in your life? – What date did the dream fall on and what constellation did you encounter this dream in? – At what stage was the moon cycle in?

Asking yourself questions such as these will help you to decipher if there are certain times of the year which spark your intuitive nature and gift you with certain premonitions. If it helps, write and keep the answers to these questions in a notebook and you will soon be able to see patterns of when your dreams offer psychic guidance. Writing down information about your dreams will also  allow you to differentiate between normal and psychic dreams, and can also help you to understand the cause of these dreams.

Put your dream to the test

If you suspect that you have had a psychic dream, (no matter what the dreams may be), then put that knowledge to the test. Ask questions that appeared to be answered in your dream, but try not to manipulate answers to fit your suspicions. For example, if you dreamt about a situation where someone got hurt, ask the person involved in the dream if they are ok. If your dream included a particular location that appeared to be calling to you take a trip and visit! – Is this new place how your dream revealed it would be? Challenge your dream in this case, is there anything that stands out particularly from your dream, such as a face or wall paper pattern?

Take into consideration whilst asking these questions that you personally may get premonitions of the future, and so an event may occur a short time after the initial dream.

Ask a psychic

The greatest confirmation as to whether you’ve experienced a psychic dream or not is to ask a renowned psychic. Talk to the psychic about your suspicions and they will be able to tune into your vibrations and just confirm whether or not you’ve had a psychic dream. If you discover that you have been having psychic dreams then you will both be able to discuss these dreams together and in confidence, placing your mind at ease. A renowned psychic will be able to give you information on how to cope with these dreams, teach you how to manage these dreams and also how you can put the knowledge that you’ve been given from these dreams into practice.

If you’ve ever had a psychic dream then let us know in the comments.

How To Tell If You're Having Psychic Dreams

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  1. I have had dreams about things that has happened yet I was to afraid to tell any one they would think I was a kook an as they became stronger I started revealing some of them an at first I was stared of them but now they come ad worn in signs they are hard to figure out some times iv try ed to egnoure them but they released play hard on my mind why is this happening to me an if ivbeenchoisen to have this gift why wouldn’t I also babe to decider them

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