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Astrological signs in children: what you need to know

If you know a lot about astrological signs, you’ll know your sign can affect your personality. When we mature, we learn how to understand ourselves and what makes us tick. Reading your astrological profile might give you an “Ah ha!” moment. In these profiles, we describe how you act in relationships and what the best career paths are for you. But what if you want to discover the astrological sign of your child? How does this affect their behaviour from very early on? Read their sign below and discover what to look out for.


An Aries child will show signs of independence. They might spend hours and hours playing with their teddy bears alone in the room, happy as ever. If they are spending time around other children, they are the one who is in charge. For example, if a game is organised, they’ll be the one assigning the roles. It’s important to them that they can show their leadership qualities whenever possible. They will challenge themselves on a daily basis and will want to explore the world around them.


A Taurus child will want nothing more than a peaceful environment around them. They will make very good mediators in school because they will have an ability to keep everyone calm. It’s important for them to make solid relationships with others. It can upset them for a long time if they have to move away or transfer schools and leave people behind. This is a sign that won’t like to spend time outside their comfort zone. If they are unhappy, they will escape to their bedroom to have some time on their own.


A Gemini child is one that wants to try everything. They thrive off adventure so if there is a new activity they can take part in, they’ll be the first to ask about it. This sign is amazing at communicating. A Gemini won’t find it tricky to make friends so if you have to move home, it won’t bother them too much. This sign can often be indecisive so their favourite subjects might change on a monthly basis.


A child born under the sign of Cancer is one that is always going to be very imaginative. If you give them something simple to play with, they’ll come up with all sorts of stories that provide entertainment. It’s important that they are allowed time to be as creative as possible. Painting is an excellent activity you can both enjoy together. Doing this will strengthen your bond with them as a parent. Gemini is an emotional sign and there will be times that this child doesn’t want to leave your side. Give them attention (even if it’s just a hug) and they’ll be happy.


A Leo child is one that wants words of affirmation as often as possible. If they’ve tried really hard at school and get a good grade, make sure you have a gold sticker at the ready. This sign will want to impress parents with good behaviour and grades. Leos love being the centre of attention so don’t be surprised if they want to put on dance shows in your kitchen.


A Virgo child is one that will hardly step out of line. All they want to do is help everyone around them. If a school friend tells them their cat is unwell, a Virgo will come in the next day with a gift to make them feel better. Even if you are cooking a family meal, this child will want to be a part of the preparation. Buying a Virgo a mini kitchen next to yours is a way to allow them to mimic your actions. As a parent, you’ll probably get them asking you to try their pretend cups of tea and biscuits.


A Libra child is going to be one with lots of friends throughout their lives. Easy to get along with and approachable, new environments don’t trouble them. By the end of their first day in primary school, they will have a whole group of friends. A Libra will often want to express themselves in different ways. They might approach you and ask if they can take up art or music class. It’s important that they can be creative throughout their childhood, which will carry on throughout their life.


A Scorpio child is often very intelligent in their younger years. They will have the ability to grasp different subjects quickly. This might end up being difficult for them choose what to do in further education. Scorpio is a water sign which means they want to emotionally connect with the people around them. If family life is struggling, they’ll feel it and it will affect their wellbeing. This sign will want to hide away when they are upset so it’s always a good idea to ask them how they feel on a regular basis.


A Sagittarius will show that they are a fire sign very often. Growing up with natural confidence will make them popular across different groups. People will admire and look up to them if they are a “cool kid” in school. From a young age, they will have a lot of energy which will help them in different lessons. A class clown nature can get them in trouble, but teachers will know that this won’t affect their grades.


A Capricorn child will do anything to achieve in life. In school, they’ll want to be a part of different extra curriculum activities that boost their skills. At weekends, take them to museums and help them learn how to build different things. If they receive a bad grade, they’ll have to learn not to beat themselves up too much about it. Failure isn’t an option for them and as a parent, you’ll need to help them understand that it’s a natural part of life. Keep them optimistic as much as you can!


An Aquarius child will want to learn about the world around them as much as possible. Travelling and learning about difficult cultures is a great way to broaden their horizons. They are also fans of learning how everything works, so prepare to be asked lots of questions! They are keen listeners and will absolutely love story time. It’s important for them to have a close bond with family members so they’ll suit having lots of siblings.


A Pisces child is one that will have 5 puppies written on their Christmas list. They can be obsessed with animals. If a Pisces spots a squirrel in the park, they will want to try and bring it home wrapped up in a blanket. Caring and friendly, helping the people around them is important. This sign hates drama and prefers an environment to be happy and stress-free. Make sure you surround them with love and they’ll have a fantastic childhood.


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