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Astrology for the week of 10th October 2016


ariesYou did a great job of negotiating those big changes last week, Aries! Give yourself a pat on the back.

As your namesake suggests, you were really ‘on fire;’ not only did you meet the challenges head-on, but you went further, meeting with old friends and forging new relationships as well. Your integrity has been well and truly rewarded, and such an approach puts you in good stead for the coming month. You’ll go from strength to strength thanks to your fabulous first impressions and the new friends you earned with them.

Your enterprising nature will rise to the fore this week. Following a difficult period for you financially, it’s about time you prospered. It would appear that fortune is smiling down on you, as this week your wallet will get that little bit heavier. Some extra cash can afford you new experiences, and you’ll feel refreshed and positive as a result… Happy days!


You had a great week last week, Taurus! It might not feel that way, but just take a moment to consider your positive experiences and to appreciate just how much you got done. In comparison to this golden period, it’s going to be a tough week this week; prepare yourself for a loss.

It may be a person, an object, or even a mentality. Whatever the case, what’s important is that you remember the good times past, appreciate that the present is only fleeting, and cast your eyes forward to a rich and exciting future. Be patient and your spirit will outshine adversity’s darkening dull.

This might sound like bad news, but loss is not always a negative thing. This week could mark the abandonment of your stubborn tendencies, a fundamental shifting of perspective, or an expulsion of toxicity from your environment. A good strategy to cope with potentially sudden changes is to balance any negativity with positivity.

If you consciously match bad experiences with good experiences, your life will become an experiment in compromise. Better to plateau or fluctuate evenly, than plummet into morose pits of despair.

Chin up, regulate your mood, and you will prosper this week.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

So you made a pretty big decision last week. It doesn’t really change anything, but you’re aware, symbolically, of the weight it carries. You’ve put yourself out there and although you might have received an answer, in a sense, you’re still waiting to see the results. It’s unexpectedly scary, isn’t it Gemini?

You convinced those involved, including yourself, that it didn’t mean much. But now that you’re wringing your hands, waiting, you’ve come to realise its true significance. Your expectations have grown, and now it’s of critical importance, dominating your headspace.

Prepare yourself for the worst, whether it be apathy in response to your soul-bearing, or else a negative response that you previously didn’t think would bother you. Don’t let the negativity from this one issue cloud your resolve to become a better person.

You’ve made real progress recently; continue to gather strength and positivity from yourself and from those around you, and you’ll continue on your path to inner peace and happiness.


Brace yourself, this week is all about politics, Cancer. While government may well play a role in the difficulties facing you, workplace diplomacy will be at the top of your priority list this coming week.

It could be a co worker throwing their weight around, a call to forge a friendship with an intimidating new boss, or pay-related dispute. Whatever issue you face, be sure to tread carefully. The nuances of your approach could be career-defining. Operate with tact and be mindful of others. Your loyal nature could serve you well, but judge the situation cautiously: remember that all loyalties were once initial connections, so don’t rule out new possibilities off the back of old prejudices.

Perhaps related to this tumultuous phase at work, someone will come to you for guidance. Give it freely and take that person under your wing. You’ll feel great for helping them, resulting in a flood of positive energy, and your compassion will not be forgotten. Ultimately, it will put you in good stead for events unfolding throughout the month.


Following an exciting new start, you’ve fallen into a bit of a lull. While part of you can’t deny that you’re relieved at a drop in the pressure (self-imposed or otherwise) on you, you can’t help feeling a little bit under stimulated and disappointed at a drop in new experiences. What’s more,  the experiences you took as standard are waning.

It could be a suspension of your love life, a career standstill, or social inertia: what’s for certain is that you are bored. It’s time to take back control.

This week, Leo, you are going to break out of the routine that has landed you in this monotony. Be careful to ensure that this is a positive shake up. If you use your creative skills to think outside the box, you can address the causes of this tedious period positively, and without it coming across as overtly critical, demanding or offensive.

Be firm, be assertive, be proactive; if you are determined to make changes, act like it, Leo! That said, avoid falling victim to your stubborn, self-centred predisposition, as doing so could really worsen your predicament…


Been running your mouth, have you, Virgo? That’s so unlike you! You’re not used to conflict, and your relatively unprecedented outspokenness has left you with a relatively unprecedented set of consequences to deal with. Oops.

Last week you worked to overcome your shyness, but in doing so, you mistook assertiveness for aggression. As a result, you’ve landed yourself a reputation for a fiery temper and lack of self control. You’re mortified, and rightly so.

It’s impossible to undo what’s been done, but worry not — that doesn’t mean you’ll be hampered with everlasting damage. This week, it’s important that you work hard to rectify your mistakes.

To achieve this: apologise, apologise, apologise. More than that, you need to muster sympathy, think like those you upset, and take meaningful action to make amends. Those who know you will recognise your behavioural anomaly, and those who don’t can adjust their first impressions accordingly.

Act with humility this week, and you’ll gain sufficient respect to patch up your destructiveness.



Oh Libra, why the long face? You’re feeling left out, which is understandable. You’re so used to being right in the thick of it, but a recent shake up has left you feeling like you just aren’t on the same wavelength of those around you.

This could be due to a change in environment, a personal change, or a divisive issue. Whichever it is, this week, you’re going to get to the root of the problem: it’s decided. It might reach the weekend before you notice any change, but the wheels are in motion (but it’s up to you to set them spinning — remember that!)

You might feel so out of it that you’ve lost all motivation to reengage, however, if you recall your love of harmony, you’ll manage to muster the strength to eradicate tension and toxicity. If you put your advanced diplomacy skills to work this week, you’ll reap the benefits: a calmer, happier you, and calmer, happier surroundings.


Feeling feisty? You’re in for a passionate week this week! You’re absolutely buzzing with energy; the responsibility rests with you to ensure that it translates to positive, rather than negative actions. Just think about it: satisfying sensual experiences, or explosive arguments? The choice is yours, Scorpio.

A factor that could greatly influence your direction in this respect is how you handle your insecurities this week. Tread carefully. When you encounter things that have triggered your jealousy in the past, take deep breaths and do not react. There is nothing in it; don’t fall victim to your own imagination. By not becoming a green-eyed monster, not only will you buy yourself an easier life in an immediate sense, but you’ll strengthen your emotional currency in the case of a real crisis in the future. Save your crocodile tears.

One more thing to bear in mind: you’ll be charged with energy this week, but we’re not all Scorpio! Be sensitive of other peoples’ headspace, and use your excess energy to build people up, rather than knock them down.


Well aren’t you clever, Sagittarius? If you don’t realise it, rest assured that everyone else really does. This past week, your intelligence has really risen to the fore, grabbing the attention of people who matter. You’ll be rewarded for your ingenuity and insightfulness this week (by Thursday at the latest). But be careful not to peacock your abilities, arrogance will set you back, rather than propelling you forward.

If you’re careful, and successfully walk the line of confidently showcasing your skills, without straying over it and shouting about how great you think you are, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

To compliment this goal, strip back to basics in your personal life this week. Think deeply about what is important to you. By getting philosophical, you’ll nourish your inner strength, essentially distilling your higher self; banishing the desperation and hubris that causes you to express yourself in an egotistical, abrasive manner. If you bear this advice in mind, you should be in for a good week!


So you overcame your demons last week. But not only that, you decided to affect change in other areas of your life… way to ride the wave, Capricorn!

In a sense, you feel as though you’ve been born again; you’re in new surroundings, a new situation, and you’re a new ‘you’ to boot — you’ve experienced such an upheaval that you really feel as though you’ve got a new lease on life!

Though, of course, as exciting as regeneration might be, it does insinuate a certain level of vulnerability. To extend the rebirth analogy; like a newborn baby, you’ve got everything to learn. Reframing the basics is vital for you to succeed now. Be careful this week, and don’t be complacent.

Think hard before you act, consider others’ perceptions of you (without compromising your integrity) and muster the full force of your impressive, unfaltering self control. If you take this advice to heart this week, you will establish yourself with ease, experience a resulting cascade of positivity, and earn the respect of your peers. It’s over to you.


Last week was a bit of a positivity spike for you; your creative output thrived, you reconnected with old friends, generated good memories, and your general morale improved massively as a result. Good job, Aquarius!

But a spike implies a comedown and boy, are you feeling it this week. Seeing where your old friends are up to has had a hangover effect of you feeling a little despondent about your own circumstances. As a result, the most fruitful thing for you to do this week is to stop comparing yourself to other people and focus entirely on your own wellness.

As if returning to the status quo wasn’t crushing enough, while you’ve been away it’s accumulated some confusing decisions. They aren’t monumental by any means, but the subtle  differences in consequences each way make it difficult for you to follow your instincts. Your indifference could easily give way to ennui and you could lose compulsion to even think of a response, eventually causing you to feel apathetic enough to leave it to sort itself out.

Don’t fall to this temptation; be proactive and take care of your niggling business. While the consequences may seem small now, as the proverb goes, ‘a stitch in time saves nine.’


Focus on family this week, Pisces. As a family, you’ve been burdened with some serious food for thought of late. It started as a seed issue a while ago, but inevitably, it’s grown to great proportions and you can’t really avoid doing nothing about it anymore. It’s time to abandon fear, set aside any sadness you might be experiencing, and attack the problem head-on.

Note the key phrase: ‘as a family.’ You’re experiencing this problem together, and you must therefore resolve it together. It’s got the potential to be catastrophic, but do what Pisces do best: be compassionate and wise. If you promote mindfulness of each other’s feelings within your family, you should manage to harness sympathy and muscle through adversity, arriving at positive solutions that benefit everyone.
There’s no denying that this will be a difficult time for you and your nearest and dearest. For this reason, it’s vital that you embrace your creative tendencies this week, using them as an outlet for frustrations and negative emotions. If you exercise your emotional pressures, you can avoid them building up and taking them out on people around you.

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