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Just because you’re expecting a certain outcome doesn’t mean it will become a reality this week Aries. You should be prepared for a few surprises that may cause you to rethink your expectations. Carrying around fixed ideas can hold you back, especially when it comes to work or education; it’s important to be open minded and fluid in your thinking so that you’re not weighed down by your ideas.

You’ll find much needed energy when you rid yourself of the burden of habitual thoughts. Obviously it is much harder to do than it sounds but with time and practice, you’ll get there.


You may be suffering from a lack of motivation this week Taurus but it’s important to keep in mind what it is you’re working towards. What is your end goal? Is it an adventurous trip away? Buying your own property? Working your way up the career ladder? No matter whether it’s one of these or all of the above, keep your goal at the forefront of your mind and it should see you through. Sure, you can have days when you don’t really feel like doing much but you’ve just got to power through.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Hard choices could be coming your way this week Gemini. Practical thinking with your feet on the ground will serve you well as you make your decisions. Especially when you come up against things you cannot change. A cool, level head will be your most valuable tool this week so keep that in mind when things begin to test you.

If you are owed things Gemini then this week is the time to collect. You’ve been too nice for too long and if you don’t speak up now people could really start to take advantage of you.


If you feel like you’re in competition with someone this week Cancer, whether it’s at work, in the family or just in life, you would be wise to stop and think whether you’ve made up this rivalry and why? Are they pushing your buttons? Do they have something you desire? Or is it more to do with your own self esteem? Feeling a bit down about yourself can cause you to look at others with envy but they haven’t done anything wrong – they’re just living their lives. What you need to do is look inwards towards yourself. This will allow you to work on the things you don’t like without projecting your insecurities onto anyone else.


It’s important to manage your body and your workload separately (and differently) this week Leo. Why? Because if you don’t look after your body then you won’t be able to even think about tackling what’s on your plate. People often talk about the importance of good mental health but you mustn’t forget about your body. It’s what picks you up in the morning and carries you throughout your day. Make sure you eat healthy, drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. Then you can think about tackling your workload.


Reaching for the moon is going to be your motto this week Virgo. Whether it’s a new project or something you’ve been working on for a while it’s time to dig in and really set your sights high. And the great thing is that you get to set your bar as high as you like. Your Everest doesn’t have to be comparable to anyone else’s! And that’s fine. It’s important you focus only on the work that you’re doing because that’s all that matters. Constantly comparing yourself to others isn’t healthy and it will only slow you down –  and remember, this week, you’re reaching for the moon!


Ambition and passion are going to be big for you this week Libra, as you’re setting up for the future. People and projects for your past are going to come flooding back to you which will make for some interesting, and nostalgic, conversations. Do you believe in Karma? You might be a firm believer after this week and it could force you to adjust the way you behave in the future.

Being passionate is great but be careful not to rush things this week Libra. Things take time and you’re far better slowing things down to an amble rather than a sprint.


What should be simple and straightforward ends up becoming far more complicated this week Scorpio, causing you to undertake more work than necessary! However, it’s best to view this week as a jigsaw puzzle that you must piece together and complete to make something positive for yourself in the future. Once you start thinking about it this way you’ll be much more inclined to get stuff done.

Something this week will pique your interest in travel. Don’t discount it as something whimsical and fanciful – give it some real thought.


This week, people you owe will come collecting Sagittarius. So you better be ready! You may have been meaning to pay it all back, money, time, emotional support, but you just never got round to it did you? People will be very understanding of course, but now is the time to pay back what you owe.

Relationships will grow close for you this week too. Whether it’s romantic or platonic, someone you’ve been talking to more than frequently will become a more permanent part of your life!


This week is all about kicking back and getting some well earned relaxation. You’ve been working so hard recently that you deserve this time off. And you better enjoy it! Don’t waste what little free time you have worrying about other things. It’s time to switch off your brain and just live in the present.

It could be the perfect time to take up a new hobby or develop a new interest – even if it’s just starting a new tv show.


This is a big week for you aquarius. The pressure is on. But if anyone can handle it it’s you. It really is your time to shine and with your confidence at an all time high you’re going to knock the competition out of the park. However, could this successful week be a symptom of something else? Maybe in the back of your mind you know this could be your last hurrah so you’re really making the most of it.

There’s a big conversation on the horizon for you this week too. Don’t shy away from it – it’s been a long time coming and you know it.


This week you’re waiting to measure the success of a project you’ve worked so hard on and recently completed. It may be hard to relinquish control but that’s what you’re going to have to do. You’ve done all you can and now it’s out of your hands. The best thing to do is sit back and be proud of what you’ve accomplished – whether or not it reaches other people’s expectations or not.

An important letter may arrive this week Pisces to do with a loved on which you really can’t ignore.

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