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Astrology For The Week Of 11th October

Thank goodness we are now finally out of the Mercury Retrograde. Looking back at our horoscopes during this time, it’s proved to be a bit of a bumpy road for many of us. Fortunately, we can begin to look towards the future and start planning positive changes. Today there is a New Moon in Libra which means we can all start to feel more balanced in our lives, especially when it comes to our career and relationships. If you have struggled in your love life, everything is about to clear up- big time. You and your partner may have experienced a time full of misunderstandings, leading you to a crossroad that was difficult to pass. Thankfully, you will start to feel more cooperative meaning you will be able to see their side and you won’t have as many arguments disturbing the peace. For singletons out there, you may have had a lot of misses and no hits in the land of love but that’s all set to change. You could meet someone soon who completely rocks your world, way past 2016. Look out, they might not be who you first expect!



Now that the Mercury Retrograde is no more, you can go back to communicating with people like you usually do, in a very upbeat way without offending. Close friends and family members may have taken what you say way too serious during the Retrograde, making everything difficult. Now is the time where the air has been cleared and you can start to relax. Being a fire sign can be hard at times because your passion can be confused with  being rude. This week, romance is on the cards. You can tailor-make a relationship to how you want. Set your own rules and see how the other person feels about it. If you don’t want a traditional relationship where you see each other every day, communicate this request to them. Chances are, they’ll totally understand where you’re coming from, making you realise they are a much better match to you than first expected.


Now that the Mercury Retrograde chaos has ended, you can start to plan more for your future. During the Retrograde, you may have delayed any financial plans, just in case issues popped up out of nowhere. Every sign of the zodiac is going to find it much easier to get on with their lives now. If you need to sort through your life, now is the time to do so. Start off by looking through your house for anything you don’t use and don’t need anymore. Selling simple appliances could put some extra money in your pocket for a rainy day. Have a look at your interior and see if there is any way to update it for the Winter. If your bright, sunny colours aren’t matched to the season, try and find some cosy decorative accessories that can get you in the mood for Christmas. For a sign that loves the finer things in life, updating your home could make you feel great for weeks.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

This week, you might be tempted to undergo some sort of makeover. If you’ve been wanting to update you look, now is the time to start putting plans into place. With magazine cut outs and Pinterest boards, you could get some brilliant inspiration that suits your style perfectly. Now the Mercury Retrograde is finished, you will be able to take the plunge and decide on a sassy new look. Changing it up just before Winter is a great way to reveal the new you just before 2015 is through. You might even be looking at your fitness regime, wondering how you can step it up a notch so you can fit into your best party outfit again. Have a look at some appliances that could cook your food in a healthy way, rather than adding all that oil to a pan. The smallest of changes can make a huge difference to how you feel. Better yet, scope out some gentle exercise classes that might turn into a hobby. It’s all about being more comfortable in your own skin so do whatever it takes to boost your confidence.


If you’ve been renting, there’s a big chance that you aren’t feeling connected to where you live. Is the neighbourhood just not your cup of tea or is the interior looking like a bad flashback from the 1980s? Luckily, there is something you can do about this. Have a look at different properties in new areas that might suit your taste a little better. If you’re sick and tired of walking 30 minutes to the train station every morning, have a look at places that are a little more accessible by foot. Update or pack up and move on, Cancer. Home should be where the heart is and if you’re unhappy, it’s now the point where you should be looking at your other options. In other news, you might end up meeting a new group of friends at a bar or pub, especially if you get nattering at the bar. These people could have a lot in common with you. We understand it can be a bit unusual to go and talk to people you don’t know however in this setting, it will be much easier.


You might get a huge finance boost this week, Leo, all thanks to your hard work over the past couple of months. It’s time that you start planning for your future once you get a little more money in the bank. Try not to splurge on things you won’t even remember in a couple of months. Where do you really need to see a difference in your life? Unhappy with your home? Do you need a short holiday after a year of no rest? Whatever you do, make sure the money goes a long way for your wellbeing. An extra £200 per month could mean a new gym membership or even a car that will cut your commute time in half. Have a think about it before you decide anything straight away. In other news, you might even feel ready to let your hair down and have some fun. If you’ve been missing out on some events due to work commitments, make sure you RSVP to the next few. There are times in life where fun takes a back seat but you should treat yourself. Burst back out on that scene, Leo.


This week, you’ll need to put some budget into place, Virgo. If you’ve been spending here and there but can’t remember where the money has gone, it’s time you make a budget. If a coffee every morning is stacking up to a huge cost, perhaps it would be a good idea to buy yourself a thermos cup so that you can make one before you set off for work. A little cut back here and there could make a huge difference at the end of the month. Better yet, take out cash and spend only that. Spending on our cards is so easily done that we only see the consequences afterwards. When you’re holding physical money, it’s much easier to see how much you are needlessly spending. In other news, your romantic life could see a huge boost. This week, you won’t want to sugarcoat anything and you’ll be telling a special someone exactly how you feel. Little do you know that they’ll find this refreshing.. and attractive. If they’ve been used to playing games in love, you might just be exactly what they are looking for. This could work well for coupled up Virgos, especially if you want to move in with a partner or discuss the next step.


You are a sign that usually goes with the flow and this is a trait that many people admire. You like to do this because you are often very indecisive when it comes to major life choices, making you often fluke it every step of the way. However, you need to put a solid plan into place. If you’ve been swapping careers for the past couple of years, it’s important that you start to get some stability in your life. What do you REALLY want to do, Libra? This will be the point where you have to stop asking other people for opinions and just decide all by yourself. Daunting, isn’t it? The good news is, if you put your mind to it, you can go wherever you want to so dream big! Make a list of what you like to do and what skills you have so you can try certain for a job title that matches. Even if these jobs involved moving overseas, it could be the huge, courageous move you need.


You’ll be going through a huge transformation, which involved a lot of healing. If you’ve been nursing those wounds way after they’ve gone, it’s time to ask whether this is stopping any positive opportunities in your life. There is a point where it’s considered self-torture, especially when it’s a problem you can’t and shouldn’t fix. Going over a failed relationship or a troublesome career isn’t doing you any good. If you are finding moving on very difficult, seek some help in the form of a counselor or even a friend. This person could help you discover the real problem in your life and how you could make progress to move forward. You are a fantastic person, Scorpio and you could be stopping yourself from exploring the incredible world around you. Go and explore your options in life instead of looking back on what’s done and dusted.


This week, your popularity and social life is booming, Sagittarius. New, exciting groups could come into your life, filling up your diary with events. It’s great when we meet new crowds, even if they are very different from us. The only thing you will need to remember is to stay true to yourself. Being with different people can influence you, however, it shouldn’t completely change who you are. For example, if you have to stop talking about intellectual topics because a group only wants gossip, you shouldn’t give that interest up. Many people want to keep up with the Jones but it’s not a real friendship if you don’t have a connection. Sooner or later, you’ll find friends who will understand you so much that you’ll feel like you belong. Stay true to yourself!


This week, it’s all about work, work and more work. It is time to rev up your engine and speed towards the finish line on projects that have been lagging. You will only see problems arise if you cram too much on your to-do list. Finish existing tasks before beginning others or else you’ll start to feel completely overwhelmed by Wednesday. It’s not good for your wellbeing to stay in the office every single night until 10 pm. You have your own life to take care of, too. Everyone deserves time to relax, regardless of how busy they are in the day. Recharging and refueling are key if you want your next day get off to a brilliant start. In other news for you Capricorn, you might get a little feisty when it comes to your opinion. Just watch how you phrase things to people and you should avoid all arguments.


Where do you want to go next, Aquarius? This week, you might be searching for amazing getaways to try and feed your wanderlust. Looking at 2016 dates could really get you excited, especially if it’s a trip with the family. Booking this now could save you bags of money compared to looking three or four months down the line. Are they any countries you are yet to visit? Check out their local landmarks and you just might find a location that suits everyone. Go for it, Aquarius! This will give you something to look forward to as soon as we hit 2016. In other news, if you are single, you could meet someone new and have a total laugh with them. It’s not common to laugh until you cry however with this person, it’s going to happen a lot more. This jokester could end up being a romantic interest after a few weeks of a budding friendship.


This week, romance could intensify within a established and long term relationship. If you are married or have been with your partner for a long time, you could be inspired by someone else’s relationship. If a friend has scheduled time with her friends, it might encourage you to do the same. Absence does make the heart grow fonder, even if it’s for a few hours. Remember the individual you are and get back in touch with old friends so you can spend more time with them and away from home. Giving your partner some alone time could be exactly what they need to recharge within the week. They’ll appreciate that you understand their independence, especially if you show them that you have your own life, too.

What do you think of your weekly horoscopes? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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