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Astrology For The Week Of 12th March 2018



This week you’re likely to feel seriously stuck in a rut. Does your life feel boring and repetitive? Maybe you’re growing tired of doing the same thing day after day and you’re desperate to break out of your routine.

If you’re unhappy at work, now’s a great time to start looking for something new. The road ahead may be turbulent and you might have to take a few risks before you find your feet. Before taking the leap, question whether you’re really ready to wave goodbye to the comfort and reliability you’ve enjoyed for so long.


You may feel under appreciated today. Has a long-time competitor beaten you to your goal? Don’t be too hard on yourself but also be weary of blaming your rival. They may have been working far harder behind the scenes than you thought they were.

Rather than wasting time feeling resentful towards this other person, spend a little time thinking about the things they’ve done well. Is there anything you can learn from them?

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

A weekend of relaxation could be on the horizon, but it’s crucial you work hard throughout the week. If you spend the coming days procrastinating, you’ll only find it harder to let your hair down by the time Friday comes around. Don’t make things harder for yourself than they need to be. Keep the phrase ‘work hard, play hard’ in your mind this week and you’re sure to enter the weekend with your feet up.



Your insecurities could see you embarrassing yourself this week, Cancer. Perhaps you’ll meet a friend of a friend and find yourself worrying that they don’t like you. Rather than expressing your concerns to your mutual friend, keep quiet and just see what happens. Chances are, this new person thought you were nothing short of amazing.


Binge watching an exciting new TV show could inspire you to change your path in life. Whether it encourages you to change career or adopt the positive outlook of one of your favourite characters, be bold and make the most of this new-found motivation.

Spend time this week creating a playlist of songs from your childhood. We guarantee you’ll be taken on a trip down memory lane.


This week you may experience one of those lightbulb moments where everything suddenly becomes crystal clear and you’re overwhelmed with a desire to embark on a new project or adventure. Negative people may pop up in the coming days, determined to steer you away from your goal. Do everything in your power to avoid the naysayers and continue focusing on your plans. When you reach your destination, you’ll be able to look back with pride.


Control is likely to be a big priority for you this week, Libra. If it feels like things have been slipping through your fingers recently, you’re probably feeling like you have little to no control of the important things in life. Take a deep breath, take time to assess why your goals keep slipping away, and start again. The things you value the most will find their way to you in time.


Use your charming nature to your advantage this week, Scorpio. It could help to open all those doors that you’ve been trying to unlock for months.

Did you do a big favour for someone last year? Your act of kindness could surprise you with some good karma by the time the weekend comes around. Someone you’ve not heard from in a while may re-enter your life with some happy news and kind gestures.


Make a real effort to be compassionate and understanding this week, Sagittarius. Someone you know may be going silently struggling through a tough time, so keep your eyes open for signs that things aren’t what they seem. Offering to be there for this person in their time of need will not only benefit them, you’re sure to learn a whole host of life lessons in the process.


Respect your own boundaries in the coming days. Someone will try to get information from you that you don’t feel comfortable disclosing. No matter how charming or persuasive this person may be, don’t be afraid to say no to them.

The 17th has the potential to be a particularly stand-out day for you, Capricorn. A pleasant surprise could change your course in a really positive way, blessing you with clarity and a desire to venture down the road less travelled.


You have the power to light up every room you enter this week, Aquarius. Take advantage of this magical magnetism by encouraging those around you to embark on exciting activities. Watch as the lazy people in your social circle suddenly find themselves with the get-up-and-go they’ve dreamed of for years.

Your ability to charm the socks off your friends, relatives and colleagues may go straight to your head if you’re not careful. Try to keep your feet firmly on the ground.


This week someone may do something that pushes you over the edge. Despite your usually kind, calm and understanding nature, in the coming days you’re likely to feel as though you’ve reached the end of your tether. You may find it difficult to contain your rage, but try your best to keep your cool and avoid snapping. The moment you lose your temper, all eyes (and blame) will be on you.

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