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Astrology for the week of 12th September 2016


ariesDon’t waste time worrying what other people think of you, Aries. This is time you’ll never get back. Besides, you may be surprised to learn that the people you’re concerned about are probably far too focussed on their own lives to think about yours. We often have a habit of dwelling on our mistakes and obsessing over something embarrassing we said or did but guess what? The people who witnessed your blunder probably forgot about it ten minutes later – they’ve got their own worries!


If you’ve been spending an increasing amount of time online recently, ask yourself whether it’s really adding value to your life and making you happy. Too much time on the internet is scientifically proven to make us feel inadequate, lonely and discontent with our lives, so if the joy is no longer there when you log into your social media accounts, it could be time for a refresh.

Take a break from the problem-causers and divert your attention elsewhere. Swap ‘unhealthy’ apps for ones that help you become a better person. From budgeting tools to meditation apps, there are so many options out there to improve your wellbeing.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Be sure to accept responsibility for your mistakes as well as your triumphs, Gemini. You’re quick to celebrate when things go well and you don’t think twice about reaping the glory that comes with success. But when it comes to accepting responsibility for your failures, you’re desperate to pass the blame.

You’ll blame outside forces and tell yourself things were out of your control but in reality, almost everything that happens to you is a result of your own choices. The sooner you accept responsibility for your current situation, the sooner you can implement change and steer your life in the right direction.


Stop trying to compete with others, Cancer. Remember this: You’re not in competition with anyone but the person you were yesterday. Once you adopt this mentality and carry it with you everywhere you go, you’re likely to feel much more content with your life and much more ambitious and open to change.

If you’ve been dreaming of doing something big recently, it could be worth sharing your plans with someone you can trust. By opening up about your ambitions, you’ll have someone else to hold you accountable and nudge you in the right direction at the first sign of a blip.


Are you using your time wisely, Leo? Time is the only thing in the world that you can’t buy more of, so it makes sense to hold onto it and only spend it on the right people. If a friend is demanding too much of you without giving anything back or a potential client is asking you to work for them for free, take a step back and question whether it’s really worth it.

In terms of your career, are you guilty of apologising excessively? If so, stop it! The sooner you start walking round with your head held high and sharing your thoughts, ideas and opinions with confidence and conviction, the sooner you’ll work your way up the ladder and get to where you want to be.


If you’re desperate to get revenge on someone who has wronged or upset you, you may be surprised to hear that the very best revenge is letting go. The sooner you forget about this person and any troubles from the past, the sooner you can move on with your life and make it more exciting and fulfilling than ever before. Work so hard that you don’t have time to think about the negative parts of your history!


Avoid retaliation at all costs this week, Libra. Let people say what they want to say. Let people verbally lash out. Let people do things they may later regret. Instead of retaliating or trying to prove how wrong they are, take a step back and cool down. Talk to a friend or family member and gain some perspective rather than jumping straight in all guns blazing.

It pays to realise that negative, aggressive or nasty people who make you lose faith in the world are not people you want to engage with. Don’t waste your time – focus on self care instead.


Is it time to delete things from your life, Scorpio? Set yourself the challenge of deleting one thing every day. Delete an unnecessary expense from your budget, a number from your phone, a document from your laptop. By removing things you no longer need or want you can simplify your life and free up space for the things that bring you happiness.

Stop using ‘I’m too busy’ as an excuse not to do the things you really need to do. Guess what? Everyone thinks they’re too busy but there are far more hours in the day than you imagine.


Although it’s wise to be prepared, don’t waste too much time planning, Sagittarius.

Sometimes it’s best to just get started rather than worrying about your options and the outcome. This is particularly the case when it comes to money. If you’ve been worrying about your finances and fretting about where to begin, just make a start!

Perhaps you’ve been wondering whether to save for the future, pay off your debt or save for old age. Don’t wait for someone to give you the magic answer or pray for a moment of clarity. Just start somewhere! You can always change direction further down the line.


Learn how to self promote, Capricorn. It’s certainly not a bad thing! Whether you want to spread the word about something you’ve created or raise awareness of something amazing you’ve done at work, don’t be afraid of raising your hand and saying “I did this!”

If you fail to take credit for your creativity and knowledge, you’ll only fall by the wayside when those around you sing their own praises. Also don’t be afraid to ask for what you need and deserve. Could now be the time to ask your boss for a pay rise?


Celebrate your failures this week, Aquarius, because they play a vital role in your path to success. Failing helps us to learn and develop into wiser and more knowledgeable people. Failure helps us identify which routes to avoid in the future while also highlighting positive opportunities that are not to be missed.

You might fail once or twice this week and although it may hurt at first, forgive yourself and rest assured that everything will work out just the way it’s meant to be.


Lists are your friends this week, Pisces. Chances are your brain will be overflowing with ideas and inspiration so jot down your thoughts quickly! If you’re too slow, the motivation may vanish and opportunities could be lost.

By the time the weekend comes around, take one small step to one big dream. If you’ve been harbouring a deep desire to do something out of the ordinary but procrastination has been standing in your way, the time is now to take the leap.

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