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Astrology for the week of 13th June 2016


ariesYou aren’t always right, Aries. Sometimes it pays to step down and listen to the opinions of others, no matter how farfetched or ill-informed they may initially seem. Although their beliefs may appear to conflict with your own, you may in fact share more similarities than you care to imagine.

By keeping an open mind and listening to what other people have to say, you may gain a new perspective and strengthen your knowledge. Your wisdom is invaluable to others and they often look up to you for guidance whether it’s spiritual, political or social.


You’ve got your eyes on the prize at the moment, Taurus. Whether you’re hell bent on getting rich or finding love, you’ll stop at nothing until you achieve your goal. Don’t let your impatient tendencies get the best of you. These things take time.

On your search for wealth and love, why not focus on self improvement in general? Upping the amount of exercise you do will leave you bursting with confidence. This in itself is a great way of increasing your chances of meeting the right person. By eating right you can improve your concentration and make your working day more productive – a must if you’re hoping to get rich.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Is someone close to you grieving, Gemini? If so, it’s time to step up and support them. Whether they’ve lost their job or they’re mourning the death of a loved one, be their shoulder to cry on.

Seeing someone you care about go through a difficult period in their life may force you to question your priorities. Could it be time to change your focus? You may feel inspired to take better care of your health, find a job that makes you happy, or embrace the spiritual world. Life’s short and you want to make the most of it.


Surround yourself with supportive souls this week, Cancer, because you may be in need of a heart to heart. Don’t let your feelings bottle up – they’ll only cloud your judgement and prevent you from being your best self.

A relationship with someone close to you feels a little different this week and you may find yourself desperately clinging on to the way things used to be. Try to embrace change. After all, it’s a natural part of life and certainly doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Keep an open mind and look ahead rather than backwards.


This week’s all about forward planning, Leo. On a mission to make the most of the present moment, you often have a habit of leaving important things until the very last minute. Where do you want to be in 5 years time? How do you want to get there? Think like House of Cards’ Frank Underwood – without being evil or manipulative, of course – and plan ahead and play the long game. Lots of small steps in the right direction will get you to where you want to be.


“Too much of a good thing” is a phrase you should keep in mind this week, Virgo. Whether you’ve been spending too much time with a new partner or living out of your best friend’s back pocket, be careful not to overdo it or dull the chemistry between yourself and those around you.

An element of mystery can work wonders for any relationship – whether it’s romantic or platonic. Give those around you some space and remind yourself how great it feels to have your independence. Alone time can be therapeutic and character building. Don’t overlook its benefits.


There’s an elephant in the room and it’s about time someone said something. Rather than relying on your outspoken friends to do the talking, why not speak out yourself? You have a real knack for being considerate and subtle and you’re far less likely than your friends to go in all guns blazing. Choose your words carefully and avoid placing the blame on anyone in particular. Instead, focus on looking for ways to rectify the situation. Your magic can make things better.


You may find yourself feeling restless in the coming days, Scorpio, and you can’t quite put your finger on what’s bothering you. Even though everything seems to be falling into place, you feel as though something’s missing in your life.

Could it be that your longing for perfection is standing in your way of achieving full contentedness? You’re always on the lookout for the next best thing but when you get what you want, you’re quick to look for something else. Relax, Scorpio, and enjoy everything you’ve achieved before seeking the next big adventure.


Wake up, Sagittarius. If you’re not careful, your quest for success could have an impact on other areas of your life.  Those who have stood by your side from day one may begin to feel neglected and your health could take a hit. All work and no play can make Sagittarius a dull sign. When the working day is done, switch off your gadgets, take a long walk, and remind yourself what it means to be alive.

Make an effort to break away from your default methods of communication. Call instead of text. Visit those who live nearby instead of emailing. Send people letters or postcards if you have to!


You’ve been feeling under pressure lately, Capricorn. In an attempt to be the perfect version of you, you may have alienated those around you. Don’t go it alone – you’ll achieve far more if you work as a team and help one another get to your goals, even if you’re after completely different things.

Single Capricorns may meet someone special in the coming week. The attraction may not be instant but something stands out about this person and they feel unique in a very special and intriguing way.

Loved up Capricorns should focus on spending as much time outdoors as possible this week. Yes, even if it’s raining. A walk along the beach or stroll through a secluded spot could see you finding treasure. You may strike gold in a material sense but it’s far more likely that you’ll learn things about yourselves that will add new meaning to your life together.


You’re an expert when it comes to switching roles. The master of versatility, you can be a social party animal one minute and a serious professional the next. However, the many facets of your personality can leave you in a bit of a pickle sometimes, particularly when it comes to mixing business with pleasure. If a work night out is on the cards, be careful not to overdo it. You want to make friends and show your colleagues your fun side without gaining a reputation as a wild child.

Try to find a happy blend of your best traits. Don’t be afraid to crack a joke (if appropriate) during a business meeting and be sure to share your professional wisdom with friends in need of career inspiration.


Let your curiosity guide you this week, Pisces. Your inquisitive nature is one of your best features and when combined with your imaginative and sensitive qualities, it can open new doors you never even knew existed. Whether you’re walking to work in the morning, travelling to meet a friend, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, keep your eyes open to your surroundings. Look up. In the coming days you may see something beautiful that you’ve never noticed before. It may be more significant than you think.

This week could see those around you telling tall tales to get to where they want to be. Don’t fall for their fibs, Pisces, but don’t cause drama unnecessarily either. Sometimes it’s best to smile to yourself and keep schtum.

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