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Astrology for the week of 14th August 2017



If you find that you’ve been lied to, try not to fly off the handle. Instead, take the information you now have and use it to decide what move to make next.

Being lied to can be incredibly frustrating, particularly if you’ve put a lot of trust into the person in question. Can you forgive this person and move on? Or is it time to cut ties? Whether this person is a friend, relative or partner, trust is a crucial component of any relationship, so it’s important to either rekindle that faith or move on.


Don’t let a show off make you question your own achievements, Taurus. If you were happy with yourself before, this person’s desperation to seem like the best shouldn’t knock your confidence. Stay in your own lane, have faith in yourself and keep doing you.

Single? Look out for someone who makes you feel passionate and excited about life. The right person will be able to transform even the dullest moments into adventures to remember.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Make ‘reclaiming my time’ your mantra this week, Gemini. Whether a colleague keeps offloading their work onto you or you’re tired of watching TV shows you hate with your partner, put your foot down and take your time back! None of us will live forever and our lives are too short to spend doing things we don’t want to do.


Someone with hilarious dance moves could inject some added excitement to your life, Cancer. Others may look down on this person but you can’t help but fall for their carefree outlook on life and refusal to pay attention to what other people think. Hopefully their attitude rubs off on you and gives you a spontaneity surge that carries you through to the end of the summer. Make this a season to remember!


Avoid playing down your achievements, Leo. This week, practise your elevator pitch with a friend and figure out exactly what makes you special. If you don’t like your day job, don’t let that define you. Do you do anything exciting outside of work? If not, now’s the time to discover your unique passions and skills that make you stand out in a crowd. By unlocking these talents, you can gradually find a way to change the world.


Breathe deeply and count to ten this week, Virgo. Someone you see regularly may put your patience to the test. Although you may feel like they’re pushing you to your limit, failure to keep your cool could damage this relationship irreparably.

You may encounter an opportunity to transform something for the better in the days ahead. Whether you find an old piece of furniture in need of some TLC or you decide to repair a relationship that’s on the rocks, your thriftiness won’t go unrewarded.


Something you’re taking for granted may exit your life this week, Libra, so take stock of everything you have and love. From making an effort to see your friends to embracing an opportunity that’s been handed to you on a plate, it’s time to hold onto the things that make your life special.

If you find yourself facing a big change in the coming days, try not to panic. Change is what propels us forward in life and if everything stayed exactly the same, wouldn’t life be dull?


You may grow tired of a certain part of your life this week, Scorpio. Before making any bold moves or erratic decisions, bide your time and wait until you’re certain what you want.

With the Mercury Retrograde just around the corner, it’s wise to spend plenty of time reflecting and planning rather than making drastic life changes that send you hurtling down a different path.


You may receive a gorgeous gift in the coming days that leaves you smiling from ear to ear. But does this present have a catch? Whether it’s a material gift or a kind gesture, question whether the gift giver has an ulterior motive. Keep your suspicions to yourself though, Sagittarius. This person is unlikely to take kindly to you second guessing their ‘generosity’.

Whether you think this person’s act of kindness was sincere or not, pass on good vibes by doing something nice for someone else.


You may receive some unwarranted criticism this week, Capricorn. How you respond to it speaks volumes about your character, so act accordingly. Will you handle this with dignity or show yourself to be just as immature as the person who dished out the negativity in the first place? The choice is yours.

Make a real effort to declutter your home in the coming days. By making your environment as peaceful and organised as possible, you can restore tranquility in your world.


How thick is your skin, Aquarius? By the time the weekend comes around, someone you care about may say something you don’t wish to hear. Try not to obsess over whether they’re right or not. Take their comments on the chin and keep doing what you’re doing.

Someone wise could give you the secret to success at work. You might be skeptical of their advice at first, but if you pay attention, their wisdom could get you far.


Don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t realise how lucky they are to be blessed with your presence, Pisces. Whether an old friend is taking you for granted or a new partner is failing to embrace your magic, keep your distance until they’re ready to give you the attention and credit you deserve.

A colleague may try to walk all over you this week. Put your foot down and stand up for yourself. Your confidence will work wonders on your career.

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