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Astrology for the week of 15th February

Here at Wishing Moon, we hope you have all had a great Valentine’s Day, regardless of whether you’re in a relationship. Showing love can come in many different forms because it is what connects friends and family together, too. Why should the love stop today? Today, the Moon enters its first-quarter in Taurus which makes this week a brilliant time to be inspired by the sign’s earthy values. Whatever you plant in the Earth, it needs to be nurtured enough to grow into something beautiful, which is exactly what we should be doing to our lives this week. Relationships and collaborations are in the early stages this week, so we need to pay close attention to them. Turn away from the Taurus’s stubborn ways and focus on its down to earth manner instead. Doing this will improve the way something great develops over the next couple of weeks.



The week is asking you to focus more on what makes you feel great about life. Not having enough time to yourself is one of the things that can make you feel lethargic and this may have gone on for a while now. It’s time to make a change, Aries. Have a look at what can improve your wellbeing. Joining a gym class, investing in a juicer or even drafting up an activity plan for the next couple of months could help put a smile back on your face. Many people born under the sign of Aries tend to focus too much on their careers but it’s important not to forget how to look after number 1.

Main points this week:

  • Look after yourself more.
  • Try joining a gentle exercise programme that can make you feel healthier but not worn out.
  • Do something fun this weekend to recharge your batteries.


The third week in February is one that asks you to network a little more. You’re so talented, you might be a hidden gem within your industry sector, Taurus. A fun yet hardworking character like you could get a lot of attention if you just let people know you are there and ready to get the wheel turning. Have a look at some networking events that allow you to let loose while attracting potential clients or future employers. Make sure you double check and update any social media profiles so that when people search for you, they can be blown away by your career record. Expect positive changes to come your way.

Main points this week:

  • Go to any events within your business sector.
  • Search for people who require your skills and make sure you introduce yourself.
  • Make sure all social media profiles are up to date.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

You’ve been a sign who has been breezing through the first couple of months in 2016. This lovely phase is going to come to an end because it’s time to rev up your career engine. You might be happy where you are right now, but is there something you want to achieve before the year ends? Working your way up the ladder is achievable if you don’t undersell yourself. Looking for new roles could make it much easier to find a job that’s your cup of tea for more money. If a current job isn’t offering the qualities you see in your future, it’s time to look elsewhere. 

Main points this week:

  • Look at whether your current job is building the right future for you.
  • Explore different career paths. Which one would make you the happiest?
  • Think about where you want to be this time next year.


It’s an exciting time for people born under the sign of Cancer. If you’ve been trying to get closer to someone, you may get the result you want this week. You’re an emotional yet flirty sign, so you may have experienced some confusion surrounding your love life over the past couple of weeks. If someone hasn’t been crystal clear about how they feel, it’s probably because they’re just leading up to the right moment. Valentine’s Day can be a bit iffy for people who aren’t fully committed because it is difficult to put across the right message. Now that the pressure is off, the object of your affection could declare how they actually feel- finally!

 Main points this week:

  • You might get a romantic surprise this week.
  • Be patient and don’t try to rush a potential partner into a decision.
  • A relationship might be made official this week.


This week, your finances are the main focus. If you want to put more into your savings account, perhaps it is time to create a new budget. For many, the first couple of months in the year aren’t exciting and this can lead to overspending. If you aren’t careful, you could blow cash on something you don’t need. In the next week or so, something could pop up that requires you to spend the extra money, which is why you have an emergency fund. Also, it’s a very good idea to have a look at ways you can earn more. A part-time business or freelancing project could boost your financial stability. 

Main points this week:

  • If alternative work is offered and it won’t affect your current role, take it.
  • Starting a new business could be a great way to earn more money.
  • Make an updated budget so you don’t overspend.


Virgos aren’t the kind of people who like all the attention yet this week calls for you to shine. You radiate positivity and you should express yourself. Look for ways you can do this in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Start a blog or take up some photography to show people how you view the world. Your artistic talents could draw people towards you, including influential people. Your ideas could be seen as very valuable to them, which could end up helping you build a better career for the future.

Main points this week:

  • Express your talents.
  • Look at ways to publish your work online for people to see.
  • Take up a new hobby that could help you improve your artistic abilities.


Last week, we were telling you to improve your home, but now it’s time you do the same with your wellbeing. It’s your week to relax, Libra and we think you need it. Emotions might bubble over the saucepan this week, too. If you’ve dealt with a breakup or you’ve closed a big chapter in your life, allow yourself to feel whatever your heart is telling you. Staying in and allowing yourself to mourn is a necessary step you need to make to move on. It is also a good idea to organise a spa trip with someone close to you so there is time to cheer up as well as accepting how you really feel about a situation. 

Main points this week:

  • Have a time out so you can feel the flows of emotions.
  • Give yourself time to get over something negative that’s happened.
  • Spend time with a friend who can help you see the silver lining.


If you’ve been huffing and puffing, impatiently waiting for love to come into your life, it won’t have happened conveniently in time for Valentine’s Day. You’re about to feel very silly for stomping your feet, Scorpio. Love could come into your life in a very huge way that has a significant impact on your future. If you’ve been a single Scorpio or one that’s just not found the right person, it’s all set to change. People are drawn to you and by the end of the week, you have your pick of the crop. Enjoy the attention and if someone stands out, you could end up starting one hell of a romantic rollercoaster with them. 

Main points this week:

  • Love comes into your life this week.
  • Look out for admirers and don’t turn someone down just because they aren’t your usual type.
  • If you met someone last week, the heat will be turned up big time this week.


This week is fantastic because it links to your relationships with people of the same gender. You could start spending more time with aunts/uncles and cousins in your family. These might be people you aren’t particularly close to, so you might end up learning much more about them. By the end of the week, you’ll realise that you have much more in common with them than you thought. Organising a family trip away could make your summer a special one to remember. Reach out to the ones you’ve lost contact with and watch your bond blossom.

Main points this week:

  • Get closer to people in your family.
  • Organise a short trip away to bond with them more.
  • Ask them questions and you could discover you have much more in common with them.


Last week, you told you it’s time to stop doing other peoples’ work so you can have a break. After this has been done, you can have a very relaxing week! Get mingling, Capricorn. You’re a sociable sign but responsibility has kept you from having fun, it all changes now! You have more time to yourself to go out with friends and attend networking events that could work hand in hand with your career (if you don’t want to dare let it slip). Also, you might find some great connections online with people thanks to similar interests. Join in with positive discussions and who knows, you could meet a new pal.

Main points this week:

  • Go out more and show another side to your personality.
  • Network on and offline to meet new people.
  • Join new communities that you connect well with.


Last week we spoke to you about great ideas that could blossom into something great, remember? Well, this is the week where they’ll certainly flourish. Whether you’ve found a better way to complete tasks or you’ve introduced something new into a business, you are going to see the benefits once and for all. A hardworking sign like Aquarius doesn’t often brag but this is the time where you are allowed to feel very proud of yourself. After this good news, you can finally start building towards your personal goals too. You know you can do it, so get started!

Main points this week:

  • You might receive recognition or a financial reward this week.
  • Be proud of yourself this week because you’ve achieved a lot.
  • Start planning personal goals, too.


Stop trying to analyse the past and please don’t worry about the future, Pisces. You are a sign that gets lost in their emotions, so much that you could miss the beauty that’s surrounding you. Can’t you see that your present is full of joy? A great career, family, friends and a wonderful relationship is what you have, so savour every moment. You need to learn how to live in the now to appreciate your life. Try to disconnect from anxiety so you can reconnect with positivity.

Main points this week:

  • Stop worrying about things you can’t control.
  • Learn to be happy with how your life looks now.
  • Don’t give up on everything just because one area of your life isn’t the best right now.

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