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Astrology For The Week Of 18th December 2017



Communicating with relatives may be a cause of frustration this week, Aries. Whether you keep disagreeing over minor things or struggling to understand each other’s perspective, crossed wires are inevitable. Do your best to be clear and concise. Even if the people around you don’t seem to have their heads screwed on properly, if you’re cool, calm and collected you should be able to minimise disruption.


How are your finances looking, Taurus? If you’re starting to feel a little on the stressed side, it’s time to reflect on your spending habits and make a plan. A rocky road may lie ahead, but with careful planning and some self-control, you’ll emerge triumphant once this period of financial uncertainty has blown over.

Look out for fun activities and creative adventures that don’t require a hefty budget. Turn to your most energetic friend for help. They’ll be full of ideas.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Have you been searching high and low for answers, Gemini? If so, you may be glad to hear that your quest is likely to reap the result you’ve been looking for in the coming days. Don’t stop there though, Gemini. There’s more work to be done and if you stop at this point, you’ll be holding yourself back and preventing further growth.


This week you might try to help a friend or colleague only for your efforts to feel somewhat pointless. Don’t let this person’s lack of enthusiasm get you down and don’t take their lack of gratitude as an insult. Sometimes, no matter how much you do for other people, they’ll never react in the way you want them to. You can’t help them unless they help themselves, so ask yourself if your energy could be better spent on nourishing your own life.


Focus on exploration and discovery this week, Leo. Who knows what you’ll uncover if only you venture out into the wild with an open mind!

If you play your cards right, you may receive an offer this week that you just can’t refuse. Grab it with two hands, Leo, and make the most of the potential rewards your intuition identifies.


Someone you spend a lot of time with may behave in a negative way towards you this week, Virgo. Whether they’re envious of your success or judging some of your choices, there’s no point wasting your time worrying about their feelings. As long as you can take pride in your actions and choices while holding your head up high, there’s no shame in being your true, authentic and unapologetic self.


You may find yourself feeling like a big fish in a small pond this week, Libra. Be careful not to get too big for your boots. Your ego could land you in trouble, particularly if it encourages you to be too cocky for your own good. If you don’t want to wind up with regrets that take months to overcome, double check your work and think before you speak. You’ll thank us for the heads up later.


Do you have big plans for 2018? Why not make the initial first steps now? The week ahead is as good a time as any and by laying the groundwork, you can get off to a speeding start come January.

Start thinking about who you want to have by your side for your 2018 journey, Scorpio. The people you surround yourself with will have a huge influence on your spiritual, emotional, and financial wellbeing.


Your brain is likely to be overflowing with ideas this week, Sagittarius. Make the most of this period of inspiration by turning your thoughts into action. Whether you jot your light bulb moments down in a notebook or record yourself on camera explaining your visions, don’t let these ideas disappear from your memory.


All your efforts from recent weeks are likely to come to a solution, Capricorn. The stars suggest that success and good fortune are just a stone’s throw away from you, so expect plenty of good karma to head your way. Share your joy and excitement with those around you. After all, where’s the fun in celebrating alone?


You may find yourself plagued with worry in the coming days, Aquarius. Try not to let stresses and strains get you down. These problems are only temporary and we’re sure that if you take a step back to assess the situation at a distance you’ll realise that every worry troubling you can be resolved.

Make plans to see an old friend with a reputation for taking life in their stride. Their laid back attitude will do you the world of good.


A person you loved and lost may feature heavily in your mind this week, Pisces. Focus on the good memories if you can, rather than the bad. After all, how lucky of you to experience such a love while you did!

Nothing last forever and while you may miss this person terribly, further adventures and beautiful moments lie ahead. If you need a shoulder to cry on, turn to a good friend you can always count on. They’re unlikely to be the only person by your side. Someone you never imagined you could confide in will go above and beyond to help you. Look out for them from Friday onwards.

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