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You could feel some tension this week Aries as sensitive feelings cause some upset within your inner circle. However, by the end of the week you’ll have an upbeat and playful spirit to end the week on a high!

If people are irritating you this week you’re best to try and take a step back and not take it personally. You don’t know what they’ve got on their plate and they may have good reason for being this way. It would be best to try and avoid any unnecessary drama this week as it will tie up so much of your time and be a completely fruitless endeavour.


This week it’s important to focus on your health and wellbeing. Have you been slacking on that front recently Taurus? Putting junk food in your body and skipping the gym really does make you feel terrible but sometime you just can’t help yourself. Everyone deserves a little relaxation in their health regime every now and then but it’s time to get back to it. And you know you’ll feel all the better for it!

Your social life is booming too this week Taurus – and you may find it harder than usual to get the necessary downtime to recharge your batteries.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

This week could bring an important career realisation for you Gemini. A vital part of your plan may finally emerge or you may even find a flaw that you never saw before. Either way, it will change your perspective slightly. It’s important to remember that things don’t usually happen overnight and it’s best to stick to the “slow and steady” philosophy if you want things to succeed in the long term.

You’ll find comfort in spending time with friends this week as it will keep you from reflecting too much on your worries. However, if someone tried to push you into a corner over the weekend it’s important to stand up for yourself. You know what’s best for you and you always have!


A few occasions could crop up this week Cancer which will see you having to hold your tongue to avoid upsetting anyone. Of course, you’re not usually one to go out of your way to hurt someone but if you find yourself in a situation where someone needs to hear some home truths, either find a more delicate way of expressing it or keep it inside for another time. Getting into a petty argument is not on your agenda for this week.

Someone else’s behaviour may lead you to gain some understanding of your own actions and you’d be wise to do something about it.



Positivity and happiness is fuelling your week Leo as you’re practically bursting with good vibes both on the inside and the outside. Whilst it’s great that you feel this way be mindful of other people’s feelings and moods. It’s nice that you want everyone to be on your level but others may not be so upbeat – and with good reason. At work especially, you could rub someone up the wrong way.Honest communication will serve you well this week Leo and it could really strengthen an important relationship.


Take stock this week Virgo and assess what’s really working for you. Are you really enjoying that hobby? Is that friendship group giving you the fulfilment you crave? Is your love life on the right track? Now is the time to get rid of the things that aren’t contributing anything positive to your life and make any changes you feel necessary.

Some criticism may come your way over the weekend and it could sting a little bit. But does it hurt so much because you know deep down that it’s true?


You’ll get the opportunity this week to showcase some of your best skills Libra. Whilst you may not be entirely comfortable with the spotlight shining directly on you, embrace it. It’s not often you get to show people just exactly what you’re capable of and it’s the perfect chance to make some real progress.

A certain situation requires thorough investigation before you dive right in. Otherwise, you could really make a fool of yourself and end up on the wrong side of an argument.


If there was ever a week to trust your intuition Scorpio it would be this week. It may mean you end up travelling out of your comfort zone, either physically or metaphorically, but it will all be worth it as long as you listen to your gut.

A romantic encounter could boost your confidence levels this week Scorpio. For those who are single a brief fling could be just the thing you need to to put some swagger in your step. For those already in a relationship a passion is reignited that gives you some assurance.


If you feel drawn to meditation and reflexion this week Sagittarius just go with the flow. Getting in touch with your spiritual side could bring you much needed peace and tranquility. You may even unleash some powerful emotions that you didn’t even realise you were harbouring. During this time it may be a good idea to process some important experiences in your past that you’ve been ignoring. Once you start to delve into it all you’ll realise it’s been holding you back and you’ll come out of the other side feeling reinvigorated.

Ignoring your intuition could lead you to miss out on an important opportunity!


Listening to someone else’s problems might be a little trying for you this week Capricorn but this person really needs a shoulder to cry on. Whilst you may not be able to offer much advice just being there for them is enough! They will really appreciate your time.

Towards the end of the week you’ll actually find yourself listening to someone else’s advice. Whilst your stubbornness may tempt you to completely disregard what they’re saying, you’d be wise to take their advice on board.


A work problem could leave you feeling frustrated this week Aquarius. You might feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall but you just need to preserve a little longer before the grey clouds disappear and you feel like you’re making progress again. And don’t forget that you have colleagues you can rely on to help you through. You’re not in it alone!

Over the weekend you could find yourself analysing your habits and routines to see if you can make any positive changes to any of them. Even a few minor tweaks can leave you feeling happier and healthier.


If you feel like keeping your head down this week Pisces that’s fine! Sometimes you just want to retreat in your own little sanctuary and shield yourself from the outside world. Turn off your phone, get under a blanket and get lost in either a book or a good Netflix series. We all need a form of escapism every now and then – it’s good for our mental health. Just keep in mind that you do have to come back to reality at some point! But for now, just relax and enjoy your downtime.

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