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Astrology For The Week Of 18th October

The Sun is currently in Libra, the planet responsible for love and oh my, there going to be some passion! This week, everyone is going to be feeling sensual and steamy as romance blossoms and long term relationships get a huge boost. Some of us will want to keep this locked behind closed doors but don’t be surprised if there are people who are smooching in the street, holding hands and being goofy together. Even certain signs that normally roll their eyes at PDAs might join in with the fun. If you are single and there is something heating up, keep it on the down-low. You might not know whether this romance is right for you, so keep it quiet before you decide. You don’t want everyone knowing your juicy gossip.



Since the Retrograde in Mercury has ended, your life will feel like a breath of fresh air, which is exactly what the doctor ordered. Communications have been simple and straight to the point with little to no mix ups. This week, however, your connections can transform into very exciting ones that could even lead to a new romance. Now that you can relax and be yourself, your words might impress someone when you least expect it. Even if you’re sharing your opinions in a debate, this passion could attract someone and make their heart flutter. Don’t be surprised if someone very charming asks you out on a date. As a fire sign, you might enjoy chasing someone else, yet the tables have now turned. Enjoy yourself and who knows, it could lead to a wonderful winter romance. Whatever you do, don’t freak out too much about it. An independent sign like you might not want a full-on relationship but don’t assume that they want to marry you straight away. Take your time and don’t pull away from a great person that could help you learn more about yourself in months to come.


You love working hard to see a glorious outcome. In your career, you often put in the extra effort without being asked. This week, you might decide to put in extra effort into your Halloween look for next week. You aren’t the type of person to buy an overpriced ready-made costume from a shop, so instead, you’ll want to make yours from scratch. Think outside the box and go as something people will remember and applaud. Give yourself a sewing challenge and see how well you can advance your skills. You want to be tagged in photos looking nothing but incredible, so make sure you start planning! Who knows, you could go home with the best-dressed prize that will give you a buzz for ages. In other news, Libra’s influence on the Sun could deliver some romance into your life. If you are already in a relationship, this week could turn you into a major power couple. Already talking about moving in together? By Friday, you could have your eye on some properties that could give you a real insight into your future together. It’s time you take the next big step in your relationship, Taurus!

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

If you’re looking for a new career, now is the time you should be putting effort into your different social media accounts. Have you not updated Linkedin since November last year? How on earth is any potential employer ever going to learn about your amazing skills? Schedule an hour or two this week to sort out all of your profiles so that you come across the right way. Start networking online and commenting on other people’s posts, because it might just point you in the right direction. When it comes to your posts, try sharing content that ties in with the industry you want to work in. This way, if someone checks out your profile, it shows you have a genuine interest. In other news, you might revisit your fitness regime that you’ve put on the back burner for a couple of months. You are a sign that wants to feel comfortable in your skin. You hate hiding under a rock and can do so if your confidence isn’t what it should be. Make a plan that is easy to follow and don’t be too strict on yourself. Concentrate on being happy AND healthy, so if you want to eat a few pies at Christmas, so be it! It’s all about having a balance.


Last week, we recommended that you clear up your space at home. Now that you’ve done this, it’s time to unravel yourself from your duvet and take part in some social events. Movie nights with PJs and popcorn might have been the only thing on your radar, yet this is all going to change. Leading up to Christmas, expect invites appearing in your postbox, too good to ignore. Chances are, staying in for a few weeks has helped you save a little bit of money, so if you fancy buying yourself some new shoes or a party dress, treat yourself. Nothing says, “I’m back!” like an incredible outfit. In other news, you might get chatting to someone attractive while you wait in line for your morning latte. Striking up a conversation might scare some shy Cancerians, but this could be the start to something very exciting. It might feel like something out of the movies and who knows, it might transform into an extraordinary winter romance. Be yourself and watch the sparks fly.


Leo is a star sign that likes to grace others with their presence, yet this week is going to look very different. You’ve had a busy couple of months and no matter how social you are, it’s time to take a time out. Buy yourself some comfortable PJs and invest in a thicker quilt for the winter because you’re going to be as snug as a bug in a rug! Leos are signs that usually have a lot of friends and even if you are in high demand, you need to reserve time for some R&R. Clear your schedule and have time to yourself so you can relax. Swap bar hopping for bubble baths and you’ll feel recharged and refreshed, ready to begin your festive activities. In others news, if you have been looking for a new home, scheduling some house viewings could reveal that a property is much more attractive than you first thought. A new year might see a new surrounding, which could be exactly what you need to ensure a happy time in 2016. Don’t judge a book by its cover because you might end up spotting your dream home in an area you haven’t considered before.


The small efforts you make in your job will be appreciated by the authority figures that surround your workplace. Even if you stay an extra half an hour to ensure a job is finished to the highest standard, it will be noted by others. Virgos have battled their way through issues in work this year and now, you will start to see the positives forming. Patience is a virtue and you’re a sign that has held on tight, even when you have felt very unsettled about your future. You’re loyal and honest, but this can take others much longer to notice and they may have overlooked your efforts in the past. A light bulb might spark for a boss who suddenly realises how vital you are. Make sure you remain humble in this situation because it’ll be very easy to brag. Keep on working hard and stay true to yourself. Before you know it, you’ll be nipping home with a bottle of champagne to celebrate your recent accomplishment.


Are you having fun, Libra? It’s your birthday season but sadly, it does end this Friday. Make the most of it because once it ends, it’s time to start organising your life. No more sitting on the fence, Libra! You are the only person in charge of your life, so you need to be the person that makes the effort. If you think others are going to keep contacting you about new job roles, think again. YOU have to make the move to get the ball rolling. Download different job apps for your phone so that you can receive alerts on appropriate roles. Polish up your CV and get a friend to look through it. If you’ve been unhappy with a job for a few months, you must understand that it’s only temporary if you actually do something about it. We all know it’s scary to take a leap into the unknown, but it’ll be a positive change for an indecisive sign like you. Go for it and don’t look back!


Your birthday season kicks off this Friday, which means it’s time to dust off your party hat and dancing shoes. During this time, you’ll feel ready to get up and chase your dreams. January 1st isn’t your new year, instead you might view your birthday as the ideal time for new beginnings. Who could blame you? You want to start fresh and this might involve throwing that emotional baggage out the door. Are you still upset over a relationship that ended years ago? Sure, this can still hurt, but it doesn’t need to anymore! Have a look into what you want to achieve and restore that positive frame of mind you’re known for. At home, you might decide to donate old clothes that represent the old you. Since your style has undergone a huge renovation, trade those dark clothes for something more colourful and believe us, you’ll start to feel different about yourself. To take a step further, book yourself into a salon and decide on a new look to celebrate this new start. You’re more than ready to shake things up!


For you Sagittarius, it’s all about teamwork. There might be a project that is close to the finishing line but still has a few tweaks to be made. A fire sign like you might want to do most of the heavy lifting, but it’s important that you show your teammates how much you appreciate their input. Little do you know that there might be a dark horse in the group who might share some amazing ideas that sky-rocket the project to success. Whatever you do, let them have this time in the limelight. In the future, you might be seen as the ideal team leader for future tasks, especially if you allow everyone feel equal. In your personal life, get your pals together to organise the best Halloween party you possibly can. Group costumes could go down a treat, especially if you’re hosting so get brainstorming! Ghostbusters, anyone? This could be a brilliant bonding time between you and your close friends so make the effort!


Last week we told you that it’s time you knuckle down and work hard so that your career can blossom. Thankfully, this is the week where you will finally see the benefits. Friday could be a groundbreaking day for you, especially if a boss invites you into a boardroom for a very positive chat about your recent accomplishments. During this time, don’t be hesitant to let them know what you want, even if this involves money negotiations. By now, they’ll recognise you as a key part of their business, so you’ll need to let them know how you want to move forward in the job and your life. Just make sure not to come across to feisty as it could give off the wrong impression. Be calm, collected and respectful. By the end of the day, you could be celebrating a comfortable pay rise.


Last week, it was all about booking your next holiday and this week, it’s all about planning each day so that your visit can be nothing short of epic. Now you have something brilliant in the works, you don’t want to arrive there with zero on your agenda. Research as much as you possibly can. Create a Pinterest board and discover the hidden gems tourists don’t talk about often. If you are visiting a country that speaks a completely different language, start practising your phrases now. If this holiday isn’t until the new year, this gives you enough time to learn the common lingo. You’re a sign that loves travelling, so make sure you get your money’s worth by planning visits to as many places as possible. Book tickets to the best museums and restaurants because having a mix of leisure and learning could make it a holiday you’ll never forget.


You might feel a little uncomfortable this week, Pisces. Your rare yet powerful jealous streak might make a serious comeback. Proceed with caution. This negativity could lead a relationship towards a rocky road, making it a tricky and uncertain lead up to Christmas. Why are you feeling this way? As a water sign, you are usually very in tune with the emotions of others and rarely get your wires crossed. You like to gain a mutual understanding, so why are you changing your tune? You might accuse a partner of something that could upset them. Have you slipped up in the past and worry that someone will do the same to you? Part of this could be you beating yourself up and believing that you deserve someone to do the same. Snap out of it, Pisces. We all make mistakes! Come forward and admit your worries to your partner. They might just shush your paranoia with kind, reassuring words.

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