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Astrology for the week of 19th June 2017



If you’re feeling a little bored this week Aries, just remember the rollercoaster you’ve had over the past few weeks and be thankful a calm has fell over your life. However, be mindful that this tranquility could be positioning you within the eye of the storm, so don’t be too complacent.

Someone could try and take advantage of you this week Aries so it’s wise to keep your wits about you! Not everyone has such ulterior motives though and someone could just need your help. Take each scenario case by case.


You’re going to have mixed emotions this week, Taurus. Whilst you’re making strides and progress in some aspects of your life, you’re feeling stilted and unfulfilled in other aspects. Getting this balance right is the key to your happiness and it’s really time to think about what’s going to help you achieve that. Why don’t you make a list of the things that you want and go from there?

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Something new and exciting is on the horizon Gemini. Whilst you may not know exactly how you feel about it all, there’s no harm in just going with the flow and seeing how everything pans out. You never know, this could be the beginning of something amazing!

The thing you’ve been working so hard for feels like it’s finally coming to fruition this week – let yourself enjoy it, you totally deserve it. Just keep in mind that the hard work isn’t completely over; there’s still work to be done.


Are you feeling more refreshed and energised this week Cancer? Diving back into the things you love can really reinvigorate you and give you the energy you need to get things done. People will be noticing a healthy glow about you – you won’t be able to hide your new zest for life.

This week, it’s time to put relationships and people before anything else. In the modern world, we can sometimes become preoccupied with other things that ultimately don’t matter. Sweep those insignificant things to the side and focus your energy into building deeper connections with people.


How good does it feel to take the high road, Leo? Brushing off the negativity of others and just getting on with life really makes you stand out as a person – and people will notice that. This calmer, more centered you will allow you to get things done and really shake off the frustrations of last week.

An unexpected visitor will throw up a whole range of new possibilities. It may seem like something wondrous but try not to get swept away in the majesty of it all. Try and look at things from an analytical angle before diving in head first.


Getting away from it all is the best thing this week Virgo. Retreating into your own bubble for some much needed “me time” is essential. It’s fine to be a giver in life but remember we always have to give back to ourselves. Whatever you do to recharge, whether it’s a little getaway or a break from work, make sure it’s what YOU want to do.

Sometimes things seem much worse than they actually are. If you feel like you can’t get your head above water then it’s time for some external help. Approach a friend or family member and talk things through, you’ll soon find things aren’t as bad as you think.


Some people you encounter may have a combative tone this week Libra, don’t take it personally. Whether the weather is getting to some people or they’re going through some personal problems, stay calm and non-confrontational when you’re dealing with them. It’s only a temporary situation.

The passion and fire you have inside you is something you’ve worked hard for. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. This week you’ll be getting things done – and no one can stop you.


The sun is shining everywhere this week Scorpio, but nowhere as much as on you! With everything clicking into place, you’re in for a smooth ride. Maybe it’s all those small acts of kindness you’ve been doing? Karma is real and you’re feeling the effects this week.

This week might be the best time for you to tackle all those things that have scared you in the past. It’s time to show no fear and simply get stuck in. What’s the worst that could happen?


Expect some awkwardness this week Sagittarius as you’ve gotten yourself in a bit of a pickle with someone close to you. Did you act rashly? Did you misunderstand? Maybe they got the wrong end of the stick? Whatever it is that has happened, take it on the chin and do what you need to do to make it right.

You might find that your mojo is off this week. With your energy feeling a little all over the place, it could leave you feeling a bit discombobulated. It will pass and you’ll be back to your old self again, you just have to ride this wave.


You’ll feel needed this week Capricorn, which is a feeling you love. Whether it’s a family member seeking your expertise with something, a colleague relying on you to cover for them or a friend seeking advice, you’ll be putting out fires all over the place this week.

There’s a peacefulness within you this week too Capricorn. You haven’t felt this way in a long time – it feels good doesn’t it? To keep this calm within you, you can do certain things. Meditate, do yoga, or go for a walk; whichever take your fancy.


There’s no need to feel ashamed this week Aquarius, you’re completely in the right. People will be jumping to your defence and they’ll see that you’re a good person. Whatever happens, don’t let it get you down, life has highs and lows and as long as you’re staying true to yourself, you can’t go wrong.

An opportunity is going to come your way this week. Take the time to really mull it over before making a decision. Why not ask a friend for advice?


Taking up a new hobby will do you a world of good this week Pisces. Whether it’s gardening, sewing, painting or yoga, throwing yourself into learning a new skill will allow you to focus your energy into something positive. You’ll soon see the benefits.

A friend may come to you with a problem this week. Whilst it’s your natural instinct to do everything you can to help, it may be wise to take a little step back from this one. Getting dragged into a messy and complicated situation is not what you need right now. Be a shoulder to cry on but don’t allow yourself to get sucked in.

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