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Astrology for the week of 19th September 2016


ariesBe the first to apologise, Aries. Even if you’re convinced that the person you’re arguing with is the one in the wrong, hold your hands up and try to make amends. Sometimes you just have to be the bigger person and admit defeat in order to move on with your life.

This week you might receive some news that contradicts everything you’ve been taught so far. Rather than getting defensive and making excuses, try to accept this new information and think carefully about how it could impact your life.


Have you been worrying about something for a long time, Taurus? If so, the clouds may soon start to break, making way for the sun. Everything will work out in the end so there’s no use fretting over things that might not even happen. Rather than worrying about how things will play out, focus on the present and make this week the best you possibly can.

Despite usually being somewhat of a sceptic when it comes to spirituality, something may encourage you to have a more open mind in the days ahead, Taurus. Rather than closing doors and shutting yourself off from possibilities, enter every situation with a positive and open outlook.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Make this the week you share your skills with others, Gemini. Whether you’re a talented artist, a great writer or a professional baker, use your wisdom to teach a friend a thing or two. You never know, you might end up learning a few tricks in return.

This week may see a few friends turning to you for help. Grab a bottle of wine, a big box of chocolates and invite the gang round for a good old fashioned night in. You’ll be able to catch up and confide in one another without having to shout over blaring nightclub music.


If you’ve been working really hard lately, don’t be afraid to let your hair down and go a little crazy. Unlock your dark and impulsive side and take your creativity for a spin. Let your spontaneity shine through and make the plans that you’ve been pushing to one side. Could a last minute city break be on the cards? Or perhaps it’s time to share your true feelings with the person you like? Whatever it is you want to do, tackle it this week with that cheeky Cancer charm.


If you’ve recently been burned financially, make this the week you put plans in place to ensure it won’t happen again. Perhaps you could start building your own emergency fund or diversifying your income streams to ensure you’ll never be completely out of pocket. By making a conscious effort to improve your financial situation, you’ll reap a number of benefits from greater freedom to a feeling of pride and satisfaction.


Are you feeling jealous, Virgo? Whether you’re jealous of someone else’s success or you keep catching yourself looking at the Facebook photos of your ex’s new partner, it’s time to snap out of it and focus on your own life.

A little envy can be healthy as long as it encourages and inspires you to push forward through life and aim higher. But if jealousy makes you insecure, bitter or angry, no good can come of it! If you find yourself consumed with negative feelings, confide in a friend or relative who knows what you’re going through.


This week might bring with it some bad news but before you curl up in a ball and lock yourself away from the world, try to step outside of the situation and assess whether things are really as bad as they initially seem. Instead of letting this news set you back, use it to spur you on. Use this experience to catapult yourself forward and achieve more than you’ve ever done before.


Don’t let anyone else’s definition of success define your path in life. Make your own goals and hold you head up high as you venture down your dream path. You may come across some naysayers this week, Scorpio, and their negativity might get you down if you’re not careful. Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you can’t do something. Often, they’re just projecting their own insecurities and doubts onto you.


It’s okay to change your mind, Sagittarius. Just because you had your heart set on a certain goal or aspiration six months ago doesn’t mean you have to chase after the same thing now. It’s perfectly natural to change course throughout our lives and it can actually be a great sign that you’re learning and developing into a wiser human with a greater understanding of yourself.

Have you ever found yourself having an argument with someone and realising you’re in the wrong half way through? If so, this is a perfect example of a time when it may be worth backing down and changing your stance. It may feel as though your ego is bruised at first but you’re likely to gain plenty of respect over time for being willing to admit when you’re not as right as you initially thought you were.


You may struggle to concentrate this week, Capricorn. If your big dreams are getting in the way of your day job it may be time to knuckle down and exercise some self control and discipline. You may feel as though your short attention span and inability to focus is completely out of your control but in reality, you’re just not being strict enough.

Next time you find yourself getting distracted or going off on a tangent, reel yourself back in to finish the task at hand. You have the power to do this, Capricorn. No one else has this type of control over you.


Is the 9-5 lifestyle getting you down, Aquarius? If working for someone else doesn’t bring you joy, set the wheels in motion and start crafting a new future on your own terms. Start a blog, look for freelance opportunities, nurture an existing talent until you’re in a position to monetise it. Invest in yourself and you’re sure to see great results over time!

Beware of making any irrational or impulsive decisions this week, Aquarius. Although it may soon be time for you to go your own way, lots of careful planning and consideration is required to make the transition as smooth as possible.



Stop trying to solve all your problems alone, Pisces. Because you’re only too happy to lend your friends a shoulder to cry on, you often try to heal your own troubles yourself too. But some problems are too big to resolve by yourself – seek the help of those you love and trust.

While your week may get off to a troubling start, by Wednesday evening the dust should have settled and you’re likely to benefit from a new found sense of clarity and wisdom. It’s up to you to find the best way to use it.

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