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Astrology for the week of 1st August 2016


ariesYou may find yourself going into panic mode this week and, if you do, it’s vital that you snap out of it right away. Panicking won’t resolve the issue. Instead, it’ll just stop you getting things done.

Instead, calmly address the cause of your panic and identify ways you can prevent such a problem arising in the future. How did you get yourself in this mess? Is procrastination to blame? If so, let this be a lesson to you. Invest in a diary or calendar before jotting down all the things you need to do in the coming weeks. Be realistic though – there’s no use saying yes to things you know you’ll struggle with. You’ll only end up making this harder on yourself.


Do you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall, Taurus? If so, it’s time for a fresh perspective and you can’t do this alone. Sometimes you may find yourself overwhelmed with your own thoughts, opinions and ideas, and if these aren’t getting the results you want, perhaps you need a little nudge in the right direction courtesy of a friend, colleague or relative.

Asking for help isn’t the same as admitting defeat and it doesn’t mean you’re incompetent either – don’t let self doubt get in your way! In fact, taking other people’s opinions on board is the sign of a true professional. Could this be the start of an exciting new business endeavour, Taurus?

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Are your expectations too stringent, Gemini? If your goals are too narrow or too unrealistic you may be left frustrated and upset when you don’t achieve what you deem to be a success. Just because things haven’t turned out exactly how you wanted them to doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

When things don’t go to plan, they can take us down a journey we never imagined existed and they can lead us to even greater things. You may end up learning far more than you thought possible and could meet tons of new friends along the way. We’re excited for the positivity that lies ahead for you, Gemini.


This week you’re likely to be blessed with a ‘can do, will do’ attitude and you’re brimming with creativity, energy and passion. Harness these qualities while you can as you may suffer from a lack of energy later in the month.

This week is all about pushing forwards in your professional and personal life, grabbing any opportunities that come your way.

An old friend you’ve not spoken to in years may return to your life. If things ended on a negative note, don’t automatically turn them away. If they want to make amends and start afresh, listen to what they have to say.


You’re making good progress in your professional life but for some reason, you keep playing down your achievements. Modesty is good but there’s a risk you’re selling yourself short and preventing yourself from going places. Be proud of the great work you’ve done and take credit. If someone compliments you, don’t reject it – say thank you.

This could be a good week to declutter your home. Banish negative energies and make room for positive vibes.


It’s time to put something negative behind you. If you feel as though you’re fighting a losing battle with a toxic friend or you keep dwelling on a negative experience from your past, try to move on and focus on the positives in the present.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, Virgo. Whether you turn to a good friend for a shoulder to cry on or you seek the help of a professional, there’s no shame in confiding in others when you need to.

Pay attention to your intuition this month. It may be trying to tell you something.


You’re seeking justice, Libra, and you will not rest until you’ve found it. Make sure your desire for truth and integrity doesn’t turn into a quest for revenge. Justice and revenge are two very different things and, while you may initially find satisfaction in the latter, it can have negative consequences on your own life in the long term.

Truth plays a crucial part in many aspects of your life this week. Are you being honest with yourself? Have you been suppressing your wants and needs to please others? It’s time to listen to your heart and be vocal about the things you desire.


Make sure you love yourself as much as you love other people, Scorpio. Putting other people first can be a great way to make the world a better place but you shouldn’t have to repeatedly sacrifice your own happiness in order to help others. Life is about giving and receiving and if you’re giving your all and never getting anything back, it’s time to have a rethink.

When we fly, we’re told to put our own masks and seatbelts on in the event of an emergency before helping others. This same approach can be just as valuable on the ground as it is when we’re in the air.


Although you’ve been working hard, are you guilty of self-sabotaging your own success in the process? It could be a case of one step forwards, two steps back.

Sure, you’d never intentionally hold yourself back, but be careful not to be your own worst enemy. For example, are you working smart as well as hard? You could put all the hours in the world into a particular project but if you’re failing to focus your efforts in the right direction, you may struggle to achieve your full potential.


Consider clearing your calendar and doing some soul searching this week, Capricorn. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed in a particular area of your life, whether it’s personal, professional or political, it’s time to ground yourself and re-evaluate what really matters to you. If you have a particular dream or ambition, tune out the naysayers and follow your heart.

You may find yourself feeling like a bit of a chameleon in the coming days, Capricorn. Versatility can be a marvellous thing and could open you up to new friends and new opportunities.


It may be wise to invest in your future in the coming days. Take that online course you’ve been thinking about, sign up for a class or ask a friend to teach you a valuable new skill. Although these things may cost you time and money in the short term, they could have really profitable benefits in the long run.

Have you suffered an embarrassing moment in recent days, Aquarius? If so, try not to dwell on it. Chances are, you’re the only person still thinking about it. Those who witnessed your faux pas have probably moved on by now. After all, people tend to think about their own blunders and mistakes far more than the errors of others.


You’re feeling compelled to reinvent yourself, Pisces, and as important as it is to stay true to yourself, giving yourself a mini mind or body makeover can work wonders on your perspective on life. Treat yourself to a new haircut, learn a new skill or ditch a bad habit. Whether you tweak your appearance or your attitude, small changes can make big differences.

Before changing course and adopting new behaviours, be sure that this is what you want, rather than something someone else wants. Be wary of those who are trying to change you for their own personal gain. There’s nothing wrong with longing for self-improvement but you’re better off without the type of person who tries to control you.

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