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Astrology For The Week Of 20th September

Thank goodness the sun is now moving into Libra this Wednesday. Our difficult partnership problems will calm down, bringing a rainbow after the storm. Over the past couple of weeks, feelings have been scrambled, making it difficult to know what we want in our close relationships. These mixed emotions have caused tension and some heated arguments during Virgo’s birthday period. Wednesday is going to be the day where there is a major shift. Feelings we have towards romantic partners could finally go through a positive transformation. In other astrological news, Mars says hello to Virgo and will stay until 12th November. Mars is a planet that promotes hard work and success. It’s now a great time to set goals to achieve during the last quarter of the year so you can start 2016 with a bang. We need to be careful to not be too strict on ourselves, though. Just because we work hard doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to play hard. Remember to enjoy yourself!



Oh, Aries you really love to be independent, don’t you? While this is a great trait to have, you are often at risk of pushing people away. You could get to a point on your life where you realise you’ve let the right one go. Don’t let this happen! As a fire sign, you rarely need someone to be your plus one, which is why you take your time to decide who to pick. If there is someone who comes into your life, don’t assume they’ll want to take all your time. Did you know that there are going to be people who also want days on their own? A relationship shouldn’t be viewed as something that traps you. If you do feel this way at any point, communicate it before you feel worse. Don’t see partnering up as a limitation to your life, see it as an opportunity to be happy. Explore a new relationship if it presents itself instead of shutting it out. Who knows, you could be surprised at how much you want to spend time with them!


This week, you might look at your body and think “Come on, I can do better than that!”. Is there is a fitness goal you’d like to put into a plan? This is an excellent week for it. Recently, you may have felt a little less confident than usual. Don’t beat yourself up too much about it. You’ve enjoyed your summer and you know what? You deserved it! Autumn and Winter is a typical time that people eat more, but this doesn’t have to be the case for you, Taurus! Have a look at some lighter options, such as homemade soup that fills you up without the extra calories. If you make small changes to your diet and start introducing gentle exercise, you could be surprised at how amazing you feel by December. You love to work hard, which is why finding an exercise you love is a great way to get the fulfilment you need.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

People born under the sign of Gemini will experience a wonderful Cinderella type transformation. With the Sun moving into Libra, it will help you feel confident in the person you have become. If you have been holding that glorious personality back, now is the time to express it! If you want to change your image to reflect who you really are, do it! You might decide it’s time to explore a different working environment that values individuality. Are you sick of needing to look like a clone of someone else to fit in? Changing this part of your life means it will transform how you feel on a daily basis. If there are job offers around that offer a more creative role, this could be a great way to show your talents. There’s no harm in exploring what else is out there. By the end of the week, you could find your true calling. It’s time that you become happier in your own skin!


You are a sign that wants your surroundings to be peaceful at all times. Even though you are a water sign, you really love anything that’s earthy and natural. Luckily for you, Autumn has begun so it’s time to dress your home accordingly. People born under the sign of Cancer are stylish in a minimalistic way, which means you can transform your home with just a few accessories. Have a look online at some DIY Autumn decor that you could try out. A trip to a craft shop this weekend could be the start of a wonderful project. You are a sign that worries a lot which is why something like this is a great distraction. You might have that many fans of your home-made crafts by October that it could inspire you to launch an Etsy shop. It’s a great way to earn money without having to spend a lot. We think something like this could be very relaxing for you during the winter.


Last week you may have trouble when it comes to friendships. Biting your tongue is something you have to do sometimes, no matter how honest you want to be. This week takes a turn for the better. Relationships with people around you begin to clear up and you can start to relax… Phew! If there is a friend that you have been meaning to spend time with, make sure you organise a date in your diary. Don’t let this one slip! Was there a coffee date that had been organised back in April, only to be forgotten? Life does get in the way, but it’s important to not let those friends slip through your fingers. Organise these meet ups before your career takes up all of your time in November. Late nights at the office aren’t the best, but the praise certainly is. If you have any event offers, attend them before you have little time for your social life.


Your birthday seasons ends this Wednesday, so it’s a great idea to fit in any last celebrations. You really want to have a clear direction in life with reachable goals. After you turned a new age, you may want to hit the factory reset button on your life. It’s time to start fresh or finally begin projects you’ve put off. Have you always wanted to get on the right track to pursue a goal yet always swept it under the rug? Now is the time to reassess what you want to achieve and how you can get there. This week can see you create different lists for areas in your life. Make a happiness rating chart and be honest. This chart will make it easier to tackle changes one by one. If you are unhappy with your diet, start researching new recipes that leave out any rubbish. Regardless of what you choose to focus on, having a clear aim will help you take each step. Anything you want to do can be done but this time, you need to put it into practice!


On Wednesday, the Sun officially moves into your sign. Happy Birthday to you, Libra! This year, you’ll be having a look at your surroundings to see what you need to get rid of. It’s transformation time and you’re more than ready for it. The sign of Libra isn’t one to be a fan of material possessions, yet your home could be full of clutter. Most of your time is spent outside your home, so you rarely notice when it’s a little untidy. Surprisingly, this is the week you’ll want to get rid of anything that has outgrown a purpose. Grab three boxes labelled “Keep”, “Sell” and “Bin” to get you started. Search around your home and pick up the items that are creating more mess than happiness. Many people dislike cleaning up yet it can have some brilliant psychological effects. You might laugh at how many burnt out candles you have stacked up. Why did you ever hold on to these things? You will suddenly realise how important it is to create space in your life. By the end of the week, this task might end up inspiring you to clear up emotional areas for the better.


Tread carefully, Scorpio. You have been warned! This week you could find yourself surrounded by negative people who prefer to spend their time being unhappy. Some people just love to moan about everything. Luckily, this isn’t the type of person you are whatsoever! You need to take a step back from situations that could ruin a good week. The trick is to deal with them in small doses. As a water sign, you can get emotional from time to time so it’s important that you don’t let other people drain you. If you’re upset about something, someone could end up giving you five more things to worry about. Instead, spend time with friends who have a sunny outlook to life. These are the individuals who will help put that spring back in your step if you’ve been feeling down. Next month is your birthday month and the worst thing you can do is start it off on a bad note. You can turn it around just in time! You’ll soon realise how vital those positives friends are in your life. Thank them and let them know that you appreciate their influence.


It’s been a little tricky for you when it comes to friendships. You may have felt as if you’re trying to dodge bullets that come in the form of toxic people. During this week, these issues will settle and you can finally stop trying to keep the peace. It’s time to relax and have fun! When the Sun moves into Libra on Wednesday, it’s time finally for you to come out of that shell a little bit. An old friend might contact you on social media out of the blue, years after you’ve lost touch. Instead of wondering why, ask them for a catch up in your favourite coffee shop. When old friends resurface in your life, it can often represent the start of something great. We all go through changes in life and this person could have even more in common with you now than they ever did. Over the next couple of months, you could see this friendship blossom in such a wonderful way.


It’s time for a big change, Capricorn! As an earth sign, you will typically work very hard to achieve goals but this may not have been the story so far for 2015. It’s likely that you’ve taken a back seat this year, wanting to chill out a little more. Does this really make you happy? You are someone who has huge potential, which is why now is the time you need to get up and transform your life. You might suddenly feel the desire to jump up the career ladder. If you have brilliant ideas locked up and collecting dust, it’s the week to revisit them. It’s time to see where these innovations could take you. By the end of the year, you might even change your job role or move to another country. Anything is possible if you work hard enough for it. If this all happens quickly, try not to freak out. Remember to go with the flow and accept opportunities that come your way. Sitting on the fence and not accepting a life changing offer could result in massive regret. Go for it!


Are there places in the world you want to go before the end of the year? Unmissable offers online could provide the perfect autumn getaway you need. Now children are back at school, it means you can enjoy a quiet environment to recuperate and recharge. Make sure you have your accommodation and flight information ready for the Mercury retrograde on 9th October. During this time, issues can start popping up all over the place. This doesn’t need to be the case for you. To avoid a scramble, just prepare as much as possible. Now the Sun is in Libra, it’s a brilliant time for friendships. If you haven’t spent time with a friend in a long time, invite them along for this last minute vacation. Visiting art galleries, museums and beautiful restaurants are much more enjoyable with a pal by your side. By the end of the trip, you might question why it took you so long to get in touch.


A romantic time could be on the cards for you, that will definitely heat up things up. It’s time to spiritually and mentally connect with the person you are in a relationship with. It’s about time, Pisces. As a social sign, you may have forgotten to focus on the quality alone time the both of you need together. We think it’s great that as a couple you have many events to attend however, it’s important that you schedule some time in front of that cosy fire. Champagne and a candlelit dinner for two? Yes, please! This is a great opportunity to have some of those meaningful talks you’ve wanted to have for a while now. If there is a time to discuss your step forward as a couple, now is the time. Over the next couple of months, you could end up taking the next important step which will end your 2015 on a very, very blissful note. For single Pisces out there, this is an excellent time for potential winter flings. Someone you thought might only be temporary in your life could be the key to a happy future. You might strike up a conversation with someone who isn’t your usual type. This person could give you a new lease of life!

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