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Astrology for the week of 22nd May 2017



Try not to over-analyse things this week, Aries. If you don’t distance yourself from the issue, there’s a risk you’ll only see what you want to see, rather than the actual truth.
A new colleague could turn into a lifelong friend as long as you’re willing to go the extra mile and initiate plans. Waiting for them to make the first move could see you sitting in silence for weeks to come. Be brave and strike up a conversation. Oh, and ditch the small talk.


This week could bring a welcome and much-needed break from something that’s been stressing you out. Whether you’re going on holiday, an annoying colleague has caught a cold or you finally get closure following an upsetting event, you’ll probably feel like life is finally giving you the break you deserve.
Don’t expect change to fall straight into your lap. You have to generate positivity in order to attract it. Do something kind for a relative and the universe is likely to reward you times ten.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Your birthday month is finally here, Gemini, and this is the perfect chance for you to make a change and start afresh. Try to put all negativity from the last year behind you and turn over a new leaf. As you become another year older, learn to push negativity to one side and make room for the people and activities that matter to you the most.
A new hobby may start to take over your life a little in the coming days. If you’re enjoying yourself, there’s no harm in immersing yourself in this new pastime. But be sure to maintain some balance in your life. You can’t drop everything.


Make this a week for healing and rejuvenation, Cancer. Your birthday month isn’t far away and you’ll need all the energy you can get when it comes around. Avoid filling your calendar with unimportant events – they’ll only end up making you feel overwhelmed.
Don’t be afraid to run in the opposite direction at the first sign of trouble. There’s no shame in spending the coming weeks in your own little bubble. Sometimes you need to block out the outside world and look inwardly to protect your sanity.


Don’t let your competitive streak destroy your friendships, Leo. Your determination to win can sometimes see you scrambling over those around you on your path to success. Winning isn’t everything and sometimes it’s better to take everything in our stride and enjoy the journey rather than racing to the finish line, leaving people behind.
Take it easy this week and appreciate what you already have. If you’re always rushing around in search of the next big thing, you may miss the amazing things you already possess.


An acquaintance may demand to know your special recipe this week, Virgo. No, we’re not necessarily talking about cooking. This special recipe could be the key to success in any area of your life whether it’s your career or a passion that you’ve finally been able to monetise.

Surprised by your ability to get things done and thrive at everything you put your mind to, those around you may feel entitled to a piece of the pie. Don’t let anyone take advantage, Virgo, especially if they weren’t around to help you through the difficult times.


Don’t struggle in silence, Libra. There are people around you who are willing to able to help; don’t push those who care about you away. Collaboration could help you go a long way, Libra, and what better than achieving your dreams with a little help from your friends. When you reach a particular target as a team rather than an individual, the level of satisfaction cannot be beaten.
Be willing to take criticism on board in the coming days, providing it’s constructive, of course. Listening to other people’s ideas and taking feedback into account can help you grow faster than you imagined.


Assemble your squad, Scorpio. Round up the best people you know and sit down to plan world domination. Although you all have different ambitions in life, you can achieve far more as a group than you can as individuals. Work together to identify your individual strengths and weaknesses before setting a plan of action to help you all get to where you want to be. We promise you, this time next year, others will be begging to join your gang.


Your career is on fire right now, Sagittarius. But there’s a catch – the pressure’s on you to pick yourself up and perform. Log out of those time-sapping apps; you know the ones. Rather than flicking from task to task, keep your head down and focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking is so 2016. It won’t get you anywhere.
Be careful not to live in the past this week. You have fond memories of a time that’s long gone. By looking forward rather than behind you, you can have the time of your life and create new memories in the process.


Venture outside of your comfort zone, Capricorn. You may have dipped your toes in new waters recently, but this reluctant approach won’t get you to where you want to be any time soon. Take your foot off the break and go full steam ahead until you arrive at your destination.
A new job, hobby or social circle could open up exciting opportunities in the coming weeks. Over the next few days, make it your mission to ignore distractions and really get stuck in.


Out with the old, in with the new, Aquarius. Give your wardrobe a huge overhaul and get rid of the items that don’t ‘spark joy’ once and for all. Pick up that shirt. Have you worn it in the last 6 months? No? Get rid of it.
A minimalist attitude could spill out into several areas of your life in the coming days, Aquarius. Perhaps you’re growing tired of the pressure that comes with being surrounded by material objects. By the time the weekend comes around, you may start to feel like consumerism is weighing you down. Don’t be afraid to reassess your priorities.


Don’t let anyone stop you from enjoying those little luxuries in life, Pisces. Whether you’re a fan of a cafe-bought cappuccino or you’re partial to some avocado on toast, don’t deprive yourself of those little treats that make your day extra special.
Have you ever walked into a room only to feel as though everyone is looking at you? Or even worse… everyone has been talking about you? This may happen in the coming days, but try not to take it personally. You never know, those you perceive to be gossips may have wonderful plans (and dare we say – surprises) in the pipeline that you’ll learn about in due course.

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