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Astrology for the week of 22nd November

We are all allowed big dreams for the future and they are a big part of our lives. It’s important that we strive to achieve, even if we feel like we’re got a long way to go. We all need to remember that if you have dreams, you should do everything you can to make them happen. It’s not impossible to become a top head chef at a fancy restaurant, but you’ll need to put in the time and effort. Unfortunately, great things don’t always happen out of nowhere. If you still want to make something happen, It’s about time you start planning for 2016. Who knows, it could be the year where dreams can become a reality.



This year, you may have had a quiet one when it comes to your social life. Because your independent, many people might assume you aren’t keen on group gatherings. If this has bothered you, try having a look for friendships elsewhere. One group doesn’t have to be your only group, so try branching out a little. Someone you’ve been chatting to might even become a close friend over the holidays. Invite them out for a night out and by the start of 2016, you might just have a new BFF status.

Main points this week:

  • Branch out when it comes to your social life.
  • Don’t take things personally if people don’t invite you out- let them know you’d like to take part in the fun.
  • Look out for someone who might become a new best friend.


Now now, Taurus, let’s keep that budget in check. It’s so easy to get muddled, especially if everything is grabbing your attention. Shoes, coats and pretty much anything else might start appearing on your wish list. It’s a good idea to research the items you have wanted for a while and double check the prices. Little do you know that the Black Friday discounts could be deceiving. If you have an amount you want to spend, for god’s sake, stick to it! Before you know it, your bank account could drop into the minus figures. Don’t spend even more cash on things you don’t need. Yes, we mean that 3D TV, Taurus.

Main points this week:

  • Watch out on your spending.
  • Make a Pinterest board of what you want to buy and keep an eye on those prices- look around for better discounts.
  • Double check whether all your Christmas shopping is complete before you spend on yourself.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

This week, the full moon is in your sign, which means you’ll be the life of the party. Everyone wants you around, but you must be careful not to double book any parties. You are the sign of the twins but you can’t send one half of yourself to another event, no matter how useful that would be! Get out your diary or even invest in one so this doesn’t happen. You’re social and hate letting people down, so don’t be the person that cancels last minute.

Main points this week:

  • Double check plans.
  • Write down every detail you are told- address, date, time and even dress code.
  • Remember it’s ok to decline invites if it means you would be leaving other parties super early.


During the busy time of year, you’re definitely one who likes to plan so that everything is perfect. If you’re hosting a meal at your place, ask around and see what your friends would prefer. A vote on the meal, wine choices and desserts will mean your friends will feel accommodated. The last thing you want is for the veggie friend to be picking the meat out of their Winter casserole. Give people options so that you can all enjoy the night.

Main points this week:

  • Ask friends to bring something to your event. This way you won’t be spending all your money and they can eat or drink something they prefer.
  • Create an event to host at your cosy home- it’ll be cheaper than a hired venue.
  • Have a go at making a Christmas playlist. Even try out DIY Christmas garlands to make your party ultra festive.


This week it’s all about reinvention for you, Leo. If you’ve kept the same haircut or style for years yet want to play with something different, we say go for it! 2016 is a brand new start for you, so look at magazines and style blogs for inspiration. Something simple such as a lighter hair colour or even a sparkly dress could be exactly what you need. It’s also a good idea to have a look through your different social media profiles this week. Why not give them a well-needed update? Have you got amazing accomplishments to add to your CV? Do it this week and watch the opportunities come your way.

Main points this week:

  • Update your life- this includes image, outlook and even your CV.
  • Try something new and who knows, it could be your 2016 staple.
  • Break out of the mould you’ve been in for years, it’s time to get more creative.


You might want to do something special in the next couple of weeks. As a sign that is always hardworking, you might believe this is easy to pull off all on your own. If you want to create an event or special day, ask the people around you to help. You want it to be the best, don’t you? Message a couple of your pals that are free to help and it will mean that everything can come together a lot easier. You love organising, so start getting the ball rolling now!

Main points this week:

  • Organise everything as much as you possibly can before the event.
  • Let people know about your plans and send out invites.
  • Ask friends with special talents to help you out- they’ll be more than happy to!


If there is a sign that is attractive to many, it’s Libra! You might meet a lot of potential pals, which is great news! Over the next couple of weeks, an awful lot of party invites could arrive through your door. Whatever you do, don’t say no to your loyal friends, even if you have other options. Make sure you keep plans organised so you don’t end up flaking out on people. You can be rather forgetful, so cancelling last minute event could cause upset.

Main points this week:

  • Stay loyal to your friends.
  • Don’t cancel on people at the last minute- people hate that!
  • Double check plans and before you RSVP, make sure you can actually go!


If you’ve had a secret crush for the past couple of months, Christmas could be the ideal opportunity to go for it. If you’re both at the same event, it’s a good enough excuse to get chatting! If you see them under the mistletoe with someone else, you’ll kick yourself for being too hesitant. C’mon, Scorpio! Your sensual sign is more than capable of landing a festive romance. Put on your best outfit and woo them with your charm.

Main points this week:

  • Dress up to the nines for Christmas parties because you might bump into your crush.
  • Pluck up the courage to speak to new people at parties instead of being alone in a corner.
  • Flirt with your crush, for goodness sake. It’s about time, Scorpio!


You want the record to be set straight this week, Sagittarius. The last thing you want is to get your crystal ball out so you can predict someone’s actions. If someone has been playing you hot and cold, this is the week where you must put your foot down. You might be linked to them romantically or even in business. Unfortunately, they just aren’t being 100% clear about something. Whether it’s an official relationship or an amended contract, you must approach the problem. This way, you will know where you stand by Friday.

Main points this week:

  • Look out for people contradicting themselves.
  • Get the courage to ask for what you want.
  • If someone isn’t being clear, approach them and ask them about it so you can get a clear answer.


Is someone feeling merry? This week you’re feeling much chirpier than usual. Put your Santa hat on and get involved with festive activities. Help someone with their Christmas party or even act as a personal shopper for a stressed out friend. Get involved in any way you can! Just be careful that don’t don’t tire yourself out. Running around for other people will be fun yet you need to remember to have a time out.

Main points this week:

  • Don’t completely fill up your diary to help other people- leave a few days for yourself.
  • Look out for a friend who is struggling. Help with their Christmas preparation will be greatly appreciated.
  • Schedule a spa day or a pamper evening for yourself- a little bit of “me” time will go a long way.


You are feeling good this week, Aquarius! Your confidence is through the roof and you’re ready to flaunt it. If you’ve been thinking about updating your look, now is the best time to invest in a haircut and some new threads. You’ll thank us for this tip, especially when you receive nothing but compliments at the different Christmas parties. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, host a get-together over the next couple of weeks. Invite close friends and even people you haven’t seen in ages- it’ll be the best party of the season.

Main points this week:

  • Look out for opportunities to host your own Christmas party- start planning now.
  • Upgrade your style this week- put an extra effort into your outfits.
  • Book yourself into a glam salon so you can transform your look for the winter.


This week, your anthem will be, “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge because let’s face it, you want some quality time with your family. If you’ve not seen your nearest and dearest for a couple of weeks, try meeting up with them for a catch up. Little do you know that this is exactly what they need to put a spring back in their step. If you wanted to take it further, try getting everyone together again for a special festive meal. Get out your cooking book and practice your culinary talents so that you can serve a delicious meal.

Main points this week:

  • Get back in touch with some family members- invite them for a catch-up.
  • Try and host a family get-together during the next couple of weeks.
  • Surround yourself with the people you love if you need a little pick-me-up.

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