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Astrology For The Week Of 23rd April 2018



Someone will ask you for a huge favour this week and you initial reaction may be to jump at the chance of helping. But before you agree to lend a hand, consider whether this could open the floodgates for more requests. It’s okay to put your foot down and say ‘no’ to things you don’t want to do.

Putting yourself first doesn’t make you a bad person, no matter how selfish this person might try to suggest you are. Consider this an opportunity to exercise your boundaries. If you receive a negative reaction, wipe the sweat from your brow and be grateful you didn’t say ‘yes’ to this person!


Focus on the positives rather than the negatives this week, Taurus. Could it be the case that you’re simply looking harder for the things to be unhappy about than the things that will give you joy? Obviously if you keep digging deep to identify the bad stuff, these mishaps and misfortunes will cloud your judgement and leave you thinking that your life isn’t as good as other people’s.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

This week, consider taking a break from social media if you can, Gemini. The more time you spend immersed in other people’s perfectly curated lives, the more you’ll struggle to overcome your own insecurities. Remember that social media is a highlight reel and you’re only seeing the very best of your friends’ lives. You’re unlikely to see the arguments they have with their relatives, the long hours they put in at work, and the ugly crying they do after a break up.


Are you guilty of hate-following someone, Cancer? If there’s that one person who you’re constantly feeling annoyed by on social media, it’s time to press the unfollow button and remove them from your digital life. It’s not healthy to constantly get wound up about the behaviour of others online, and if this person’s thoughts, feelings or actions are getting to you, the sooner you distance yourself, the better.


If there’s something in your life that you’re terrified of losing, question whether you’re trying a little too hard to keep it close by. There can be times in life when we hold too tightly and end up scaring people away in the process. Believe it or not, over attachment to things can be just as detrimental as our over-attachment to people. Loosen your grip, Leo. If it’s meant to be, it will be.


Your career might take an unusual turn this week, Virgo. The power is in your hands to make this a positive situation and the worst thing you could do is sit back and let things unfold in front of you. By taking a productive and proactive approach, you can gain control and ensure everything goes your way. Could this be the start of an exciting new project at work? Or perhaps a promotion is in the pipeline!


This week you may find yourself being overly critical of someone ‘in real life’, Libra. It’s perfectly normal to feel judgemental from time to time, but if you feel compelled to tell this person how you feel, question whether your actions may be a little on the nasty side. If there’s even the slightest chance you may be blowing things out of proportion, take a step back and spend some time alone to cool off.  


Your playful and mysterious nature could help you make new friends and workplace connections this week, Scorpio. Use that Scorpio charm to impress those around you and woo them with your magic. As a side note, think carefully about the way you treat others this week. The way you treat people who can’t do anything for you says a lot about your character.


Authenticity is more important than approval, Sagittarius. There’s absolutely no point impressing people with a fake version of you. When people are in awe of a version of you that is false, there’s absolutely no point in celebrating – even if this watered down interpretation of the person you’re meant to be impresses greater numbers than your true self.

This week you’re likely to encounter people who disagree with the things you say and do, but you can’t please everyone. Those who are meant for you will find you.


Are you placing enough value on your time, Capricorn? You may have been thinking about money a considerable amount, but believe it or not, time is a hundred times more valuable. After all, you can make money all over again, but you can’t get back the time that you’ve spent.  

Be very protective over your time this week and don’t be afraid to say no to things you don’t want to do or need to do.


Stop seeing those around you as your competition, Aquarius. Whether you’re in competition over a job, award or romantic relationship, we promise that life will be so much more fulfilling when you let your guard down and stop trying to ‘win’.

The more time you spend worrying about beating your competition, the more time you waste. This time could be used to be a better version of you! The only person you should be competing against is yourself.


Someone or something will try to distract you from your goals this week, Pisces. Do everything you can to push these disruptions to one side and carry on focusing on the task at hand.

If a person is responsible for these interruptions, it may be worth silently contemplating their motive. Do they simply want your time or attention or are they deliberately trying to steer you away from your goal. Don’t let them hinder your growth, Pisces.

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